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How Your Company Can Thrive During Economic Difficulty

Many businesses were forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. More than 200,000 companies were forced to close in 2020 alone. Many of these businesses were in industries deemed “non-essential” — such as restaurants and bars. Their closures and the resulting economic downturn forced many people to reevaluate their industry of choice. No one had a […]

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Shama Hyder, Inc.com October 01, 2021

Business Beyond the Boardroom – The Billion Dollar Bet

Jayson Waller took an unlikely path to CEO for one of the largest Solar companies in America – Pink Energy. Betting on himself and the future of the industry, he mortgaged his home and the payoff turned into a billion dollars in sales.

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Business Beyond The Boardroom Radio Show & Podcast September 15, 2021

How Jayson Waller, CEO Of Pink Energy, Is Disrupting The Solar Industry

Pink Energy deserves every capital letter in its name because it is making waves in the industry. In fact, this impressive company is on course to become the largest solar company in America. Jayson Waller, CEO, and spokesperson of the company believes that their ability to successfully earn $365 million in revenue in 2020 didn’t come […]

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Flourshive.com September 12, 2021

Bloomberg Media Personality and Entrepreneur on the Future of Solar Power

On a recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price visited with entrepreneur and Bloomberg TV personality, Jayson Waller

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The Times USA August 11, 2021

The Future of Hiring & the Workforce Featuring Jayson Waller

Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller talks with the folks at Premier Virtual.

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Premier Virtual July 28, 2021

Harrison, Mich. offsets energy costs, reduces carbon footprint with solar project

With the rising cost of electricity and the looming threat of climate change, municipalities across the United States are turning to solar as an efficient way to offset costs and reduce carbon emissions.   

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Andy Castillo, American City & County July 08, 2021

Pink Energy to add rooftop solar to five municipal buildings in Harrison, Michigan

Pink Energy was selected to install 659.4 kW of solar on five municipal buildings throughout the City of Harrison, Michigan. Projects will be installed at City Hall, the Fire Hall, water tower, pump house and wastewater treatment facility. These locations were selected because they’re the largest consumers of power.

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Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World June 07, 2021

Positive Signs Support Solar Sector

Solar power has long been part of the global push for renewable energy, and power industry analysts say it may only have scratched the surface of its potential. Solar led all power sources in terms of added generation capacity in 2020; a March report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) says the U.S. added […]

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Darrell Proctor, POWER Magazine June 01, 2021

How Solar Power Can Help a Restaurant’s Bottom Line

Each year, food waste in the restaurant industry reaches losses that are in the billions. And, while there are multiple points of waste throughout the food supply chain, imagine if it were possible to limit losses due to power outages. What would it mean for a restaurant’s bottom line to keep refrigerators, freezers, ice machines […]

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Jayson Waller, Modern Restaurant Management May 05, 2021

3 Key Strategies To Overcome Strong Public Perception

When you’re marketing a product or service that the public already has an entrenched opinion about, you’ve got to get creative. The solar panel industry is a perfect example of this. Despite the generous energy and cost savings that solar panels bring to homeowners, there’s still a perception that solar panels are only for the […]

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Shama Hyder, Forbes February 19, 2021

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