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Vincent Feranda Featured in Charlotte Business Journal’s People on the Move

Vincent Feranda, Pink Energy’s new Senior Director of Customer Experience, has joined this fast-growing and evolving energy efficiency and solar energy company after spending more than 25 years…

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Charlotte Business Journal June 21, 2022

13 Tips for Green Apartment Living Directly From Experts

Switching to greener alternatives is a great way to live a sustainable life, especially with Earth Day approaching. There are many ways to be environmentally cautious while living in an apartment.

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Ana de Guzman / Redfin April 27, 2022

CEO Jayson Waller featured in The Business Anecdote

Raised in a trailer park, kicked out of high school and faced with becoming a father in his teens. Jayson Waller’s hustle, heart and toughness allowed him to overcome adversity and became the mogul he is today.

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The Business Anecdote October 08, 2021

Daily Habits of Ultra-Successful Business Owners

Every successful business owner will credit some of their success and positive mindset to their habits. Whether that’s sleeping a certain number of hours every night, reading a set amount of books per month, or starting off each morning with exercise and/or meditation, each leader has a developed set of habits that guides their daily […]

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Elizabeth Walker, GritDaily.com October 06, 2021

Four Ways to Keep Sales Teams Motivated in Uncertain Times

Keeping sales teams eager, focused and motivated isn’t easy when you are competing with continuous news app alerts and wall-to-wall breaking news coverage. The chaotic landscape of unfolding world events brings on daily uncertainties, rule changes and disruptions that leave team members confused and concerned. And while business can’t always go on “as usual” when […]

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Jayson Waller, Northstar Meetings Group October 05, 2021

How Your Company Can Thrive During Economic Difficulty

Many businesses were forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. More than 200,000 companies were forced to close in 2020 alone. Many of these businesses were in industries deemed “non-essential” — such as restaurants and bars. Their closures and the resulting economic downturn forced many people to reevaluate their industry of choice. No one had a […]

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Shama Hyder, Inc.com October 01, 2021

Business Beyond the Boardroom – The Billion Dollar Bet

Jayson Waller took an unlikely path to CEO for one of the largest Solar companies in America – Pink Energy. Betting on himself and the future of the industry, he mortgaged his home and the payoff turned into a billion dollars in sales.

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Business Beyond The Boardroom Radio Show & Podcast September 15, 2021

How Jayson Waller, CEO Of Pink Energy, Is Disrupting The Solar Industry

Pink Energy deserves every capital letter in its name because it is making waves in the industry. In fact, this impressive company is on course to become the largest solar company in America. Jayson Waller, CEO, and spokesperson of the company believes that their ability to successfully earn $365 million in revenue in 2020 didn’t come […]

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Flourshive.com September 12, 2021

Bloomberg Media Personality and Entrepreneur on the Future of Solar Power

On a recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price visited with entrepreneur and Bloomberg TV personality, Jayson Waller

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The Times USA August 11, 2021

The Future of Hiring & the Workforce Featuring Jayson Waller

Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller talks with the folks at Premier Virtual.

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Premier Virtual July 28, 2021