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Solar Panels in Virginia

You could potentially reduce your electric bill, carbon footprint and dependence on grid energy by going solar in Virginia. Request a free quote today to see if your property qualifies.

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Building a Movement in Virginia

The Virginia solar power revolution is going strong, as more homeowners and businesses realize the potential savings they could see on their electric bills. Pink Energy continues to grow this movement by providing premium solar panels to Virginia residents.

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Pink Energy Offices In Virginia

Join the solar energy movement in Virginia today by speaking with a Pink Energy representative near you to learn how going solar could benefit you. Contact us at:

Pink Energy Richmond Office
(804) 681-2021
13536 Charlotte Ct.
Chester, VA 23836

Pink Energy Roanoke Office
(540) 307-2433
1910 Loudon Ave NW
Roanoke, VA 24017

Pink Energy Virginia Beach Office
192 Ballard Ct., Suite 303
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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Get Solar Power in VA from Pink Energy

As one of the top-ranked solar panel companies in Virginia, Pink Energy is committed to transforming how VA residents source their energy. We offer American-made, tier-1

residential solar panels, as well as our exclusive SMARTPWR360°™ energy efficiency package and backup battery power from . Furthermore, we provide flexible financing for qualified customers, and the panels we install come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, making going solar more affordable than ever.

Why Go Solar In Virginia?

Numerous solar panel incentives in Virginia make going solar more cost-effective than ever. Homeowners and business owners across the state could reduce their energy costs if they qualify for a federal tax credit of up to 26% of the cost of their solar panel purchase and installation, as well as other state-level tax incentives, net metering credits, and flexible financing.

In addition to these incentives, solar power and battery storage could potentially reduce your dependence on grid energy from the utility companies and potentially add up to thousands in savings. Learn more about the benefits of solar energy today.

Solar panel installation in Virginia is easy and convenient with Pink Energy. We developed a 3-step process to ensure our customers enjoy a hassle-free experience from initial consultation to final installation. Learn how we add solar power to your home below:

Lower Electric Bills

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Own Your Power

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Our 3-Step Process

We offer an easy, three-step process so that your decision to go solar can be as smooth as possible. Explore this section to learn about each step and see how you can experience the potential financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.


Request A Free Quote

First, submit a contact form and a Pink Energy team member will contact you. We’ll learn about your property and see if you qualify for solar. If you qualify, we’ll schedule your free in-home consultation at your convenience.


Receive A Free In-home Consultation

At your free in-home consultation, we’ll analyze your property and audit your energy usage. Afterward, we’ll present you with a project estimate based on your energy goals. Once you sign your contract, we’ll start the process to prepare your home for installation. When that’s done, we’ll call to schedule your installation date based on your availability.


Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

On installation day, our installation crew will arrive at your home ready to install your panels. This process includes adding your solar panels to a ground-mounted array or on your roof, and connecting them to your house’s electric box. Next, we’ll check to ensure that everything functions properly. Once everything’s good to go, we’ll clean our workspace and leave your home just the way we found it.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power in Virginia

Virginia receives an average of more than 4 hours of peak sunlight each day, which is more than enough to generate solar energy for your home! This allows VA residents to potentially reduce their dependence on grid energy from the utility companies and avoid the full brunt of unexpected rate hikes. In fact, you potentially could see a major drop in your monthly electric bills and end up potentially saving money in the long run when you go solar. Contact Pink Energy today to embrace solar power in Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Solar Panels Save Me Money in Virginia?

    Adding solar panels to your property could help you potentially save thousands on your monthly electric bills. However, there are many factors that determine how much your solar energy system could reduce your bill. To find out how much you could potentially save if you add solar power in Virginia, contact one of our solar specialists. They’ll set an appointment to meet you and evaluate your home and your specific energy needs.
  • Will Solar Panels Cause Damage to My Roof?

    If solar panels are installed properly, you should see minimal impact on your roof. Pink Energy has the expertise and experience to ensure a successful installation — just check out our customer reviews and our portfolio to see the proof.
  • Do Solar Panels Work in the VA Winter?

    Yes. As long as sunlight reaches your solar panels, they generate power. This means they will still work during cloudy or winter days. In fact, colder temperatures can even increase solar panel efficiency because energy is not lost to summer heat. And as a bonus, snow can reflect light and help further improve solar panel performance. However, your solar panel production will be affected if covered by too much snow.


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