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Why Winter Is A Great Time To Go Solar

December 30th, 2021 | By Chad McComas

As you begin your research to add solar panels at your home, you may be curious as to when is the best time to go solar. Your first thought may be the summertime since it’s nice and hot out, the sun is shining and it is less likely that rain will interfere with the installation process. We are here to tell you that although these reasons are good ones, it is far from a bad idea to install solar in the winter! In fact, going solar in the winter can be more beneficial, and here’s how.

We know that wintertime offers the lowest amount of daylight. But just how much less daylight might one expect in the winter? We break it down below:

Average daylight per day in Charlotte, NC
Winter: 633 minutes
Spring: 815 minutes
Summer: 816 minutes
Fall: 641 minutes

It’s crazy to think that there’s nearly 30 percent more daylight in the spring and summer as compared to the winter. That’s important to know because it takes Pink Energy roughly 6-8 weeks to complete all the behind-the-scenes paperwork in preparation for your install. So once you sign your contract to go solar with Pink Energy, it typically takes around 60 days for your install to take place. Add in another 4-6 weeks for inspections to be completed and for your utility company to swap out your meter to a solar-friendly version, and an average customer is looking at approximately three months to get their system fully operational.

Long story short, add 3 months from the time you sign your contract, and that’s approximately when your system may begin producing energy for you. Going solar now allows you to reap the benefits of all that extra sun available in the spring and summer, when you have greater potential to produce more electricity than your home needs at any one time. That extra energy can either be sent back to the grid for potential credits on your electric bill (if your utility offers a net metering program), or stored in a battery for later use.

Why a battery is perfect for winter!

If you’ve installed a battery with your solar panel system, you will have put yourself in a great position to combat the effects of power outages that may result from snow or ice. The electricity stored in your battery will come in handy during those times, and that extra energy can be used at night as well, potentially reducing your dependence on the grid further. Our battery solution comes with multiple modes that allow you to best take advantage of your circumstances.

Bottom line: Winter is a great time to go solar!

Given the approximate three-month wait to benefit from your solar system, now is the perfect time to consider adding solar to your home. So find some time between holiday gatherings to take the steps that will lead to your home using clean, green energy courtesy of Pink Energy. Contact us today at (877) 4-GO-Pink and we will be happy to get your solar system up and running! We have a great team who will work with you and set you up for success.

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