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Traverse City Resident Goes Solar at Her Home and Business

December 15th, 2021 | By Chad McComas

Kristin Zimmerman believed in the power of solar enough that not only did she have it installed at her home, she added a solar panel system to the landscaping business that she runs with her brother Matthew in Traverse City, Michigan.

Now, those who pull up to Zimmerman Landscaping will see the 20 solar panels atop the roof of her business, which adds up to a 6.08 kilowatt system. What they won’t immediately see is that the system is also equipped with a backup battery, and they may not know that we also replaced her roof too.

Kristin is a happy customer for both of her installations because of Pink Energy’s turnkey service. From designing the systems, applying for permits and fulfilling the interconnection requests with the utility company, Pink Energy works behind the scenes to prepare each job for installation, and then it completes the install with its own employees.

Before the panels were installed at Zimmerman Landscaping, we replaced her aging roof with a new metal one. While she initially had concern about the panels damaging her roof, those were allayed with our expert installation team executing according to plan. After successful inspection, she had a system ready to deliver her business clean energy and give her the chance to reduce her electric bill.

“At the business, it’s very open,” Zimmerman said. “There’s no trees in the way and the shallow angle should not be much of an issue there so we’re hoping that it’ll really assist us in the wintertime.”

Going Solar Not Just At Her Business, But Also At Her Home

Kristin originally heard about Pink Energy through television and Facebook advertisements and thought it would be a good addition to her home. She took special interest in our backup battery offering because she’s dealt with her share of power outages given that her home is on a peninsula. The battery gave her a “light bulb” moment where she saw one of the advantages adding a solar system would offer.

“While they were being installed, because of the colorful trucks in the driveway, we’ve got a lot of walkers that go past our home and a lot of people noticed it and go, ‘Oooh what’s going on?’ And afterwards, some of the neighbors spoke to me and said ‘Oooh I wish we had a site that was more open to the sun. We have too many trees around but wow that’s really cool.’ But it was extremely positive. The feedback was very positive.”

And so was the impact on her electric bill.

“We did see a difference in our cost or charges for electricity which was great because we were feeding the grid back,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman is grateful to have the battery backup system at her home, giving her the chance to back up her well, sewer sump pump and furnace and provide peace of mind for any power outage. Using her own energy from solar is part of her strategy to reduce her carbon footprint. She also owns a Chevrolet Volt.

As a well-known business owner in her community, Zimmerman is happy to talk about going solar with others, and given that she has it at both her home and her business, she’s certainly well-versed.

If you’re a Pink Energy residential customer and have your own business where you’d like to add solar, contact us today, and we can help you just like we did Kristin.

This article represents the individual results and opinions of this customer. Results will vary and are not guaranteed by Pink Energy.

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