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Pink Energy enjoys Top Solar Contractors Gala, prepares for more growth

September 24th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


SALT LAKE CITY – Pink Energy has much to be proud of, considering its performance of the past 12 months. On the eve of Solar Power International, an annual convention being held this week against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Pink Energy and the scores of other solar companies in attendance at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center were recognized for their success at the 2019 Top Solar Contractors Gala.

Pink Energy keeps growing larger in the rearview of its category competitors, as it is ranked No. 6 nationally among residential rooftop solar installers, up six spots from a year ago. Pink Energy’s goal is to get into the top three next year. The rankings are determined by how much solar companies install in the prior year, and nearly three-quarters of the way through 2019, the company is primed to post a much bigger number than the 19 megawatts it installed in 2018.

“What it means is that we’re building a movement,” Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller says of the company’s success. “We’re actually making a difference. Every customer, every panel, every employee, we’re putting a dent in what the utility company is doing, and that’s the goal here. What they’re doing is wrong. How they’re producing power is wrong. How they manage the waste, and what they do to the environment is wrong. So we’re giving folks the opportunity to own their power and it’s exciting to see that as we grow, that continues to force and push the utility companies to start going in the right direction.”

Pink Energy’s road map for 2020

How will Pink Energy maintain its rapid growth trajectory? It may be as simple as strengthening its grip on the eight states it already serves and leveraging the six sports partnerships it has formed to date with the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers. Pink Energy already has opened up two new states in 2019 in Indiana and Missouri, and it has added a new office in an existing market by opening a shop in suburban Columbia, S.C.

“A lot of our growth has been through expansion, continuing to open up new markets, new districts, new states,” Chief Operating Officer Kevin Klink says. “We want to make a focus here not just to finish out this year but going into the first part of next year in growing our existing markets. I think that’s where we have the best opportunity to grow.”

However, President Steve Murphy also sees opportunity to branch into complementary lines of business. While Pink Energy’s core business is working with homeowners to help them go solar, he’d love to see the company’s burgeoning commercial division continue to grow, and to help customers even more on the energy efficiency side. He’d even like to help utility companies with their own energy efficiency efforts.

Regardless of which directions Pink Energy goes in 2020, he knows the company made another major step forward in 2019, with this latest awards gala offering that proof.

“Growing at an aggressive pace and still doing it in a healthy way where the finances are there, you make payroll, and you’re paying your bills,” Murphy says. “You’re building the financial strength of the company and you’re still growing at a rapid rate. That’s very fulfilling.”

Pink Energy CEO Juan Ramirez has similar sentiments.

“We love to see that the volume of bookings and revenue are off the charts,” Ramirez said. “Every month there’s a record being broken. The growth on revenue and the numerous amount of awards has been spectacular.”

So Pink Energy’s 2020 vision is clear – growth mode will reign. Replicating that success and doing it in a way where we serve all of our customers well is what Pink Energy is all about.

If you want to join the clean energy movement at your home or business, Pink Energy can take you there. Call us at (877) 4-GO-Pink to learn about how you can take steps to build a better future with us.

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