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3 reasons to add solar panels, battery backup right now

October 22nd, 2020 | By Chad McComas

The solar business is trending upward, making it the perfect time to add solar. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pink Energy has seen significant success over the past six months, setting company sales records for April, May, June, July, August and September. Why have we had such success? The answer is simple — solar has the potential to bring tremendous value. Here are three reasons that now is the perfect time to go solar.

1) We will pay you to add solar

If potentially saving money on your electric bill, owning your power and reducing your carbon footprint weren’t reasons enough, Pink Energy offers a solar stimulus package. We will either discount your system $2,000 at the time of purchase, or we can give you a rebate check in that amount. This offer is time-sensitive, giving further reason to act while the stimulus is available.

Beyond that, Pink Energy runs on the core value that hard work gets rewarded. For this reason, we will pay you $250 for a successful referral. Meaning, once the solar panels are added to the person’s home with our help, you get a $250 check from Pink Energy! Every fifth referral is worth $500.

Speaking of referrals, one Pink Energy customer has taken advantage of this more than any other in our company’s history. Claudia Clifton has referred 14 customers that have had solar installed from us, and one more is coming soon! She is not shy about advocating for us, and has earned $4,000 from referrals alone! She loves showing off the savings she’s seen on her electric bill to all those she meets.

2) Solar storage is the future

Our battery system allows you to future-proof your solar system while providing a way to store excess solar energy. In fact, states or territories that do no have net metering make batteries more attractive. Instead of sending excess energy back to the grid for less than full credit, why not store that extra energy and use it when you need it? Here are the benefits of our battery system.

  1. If your utility company issues time-of-use rates, a battery system can be programmed in order to combat them. A battery system works in your favor by using stored energy during times when utility companies charge you more for electricity usage in order to potentially save you money on your electric bill.
  2. The battery system has multiple mode options which are used to fit your home’s energy needs. This includes a mode that prioritizes using the solar energy from your solar panels and battery. If you want to limit your interaction with the utility grid, you can!
  3. A battery protects your home from outages. This is useful if you’re in a high-risk area such as southeast Michigan, where power outages are frequent or if you’re in a location that has extreme weather. Your battery system is programmed to power 3-4 protected loads of your choice should the power go out. This allows you to power items such as your home computer, stove, or refrigerator — the items you need most!

3) Businesses are going all-in on solar

The importance and value of solar is being recognized by businesses all around the globe. In fact, global retail giant Amazon stated it would be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. In addition to Amazon, Apple is already 100% renewable and currently has more solar installed than any other business.

Over the past decade, we have seen significant increases in the installation of solar energy among businesses. The chart below shows just how much energy in megawatts (MW) is being installed in the corporate sector.

annual corporate capacity graph

In fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) tracked the amount of MW produced in each state and by each company since they began tracking corporate installations eight years ago. This map of the U.S. shows how installations are plentiful on the East and West coasts, in large part because of the environmental, economic and regulatory practices of each state. However, you can see from the map that there are plenty of installations elsewhere, which is exciting for the future.

US map

The brightest minds in the business world are electing to add solar, and you should too. Why? Because homeowners and businesses have the same goals in mind such as helping the environment, reducing their electricity bill and potentially saving money.

Join the movement by going solar!

So, let’s recap. World business leaders are increasingly turning to solar. Pink Energy will pay you to go solar. And, there are now solar batteries available that not only store excess solar energy, but also protect your home from unexpected outages.

To further push urgency, there’s the federal tax credit for solar panels. If solar panels are installed by the end of this December, you can receive up to a 26% credit on your federal taxes. However, this number will decrease to 22% in 2021, and by 2022, the residential tax credit will no longer exist unless Congress renews it. So why wait? Take advantage now.

Pink Energy can help you take the leap

Pink Energy is proud to install American-made panels that feature a minimum 25-year warranty6, along with battery backup systems. If you’re interested in going solar, call us at (877) 4-GO-Pink. The best time to go solar was yesterday, the next best time to go solar is today.

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