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The use of solar power in Pennsylvania

October 28th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


The use of solar power is increasing across the country, and Pennsylvania is no exception. Pink Energy is proud to install solar panels in western Pennsylvania and is honored to have helped the solar market grow throughout the region. We are committed to providing clean, renewable solar energy to homes and businesses in the area, helping residents to lower their electric bills and help save the environment from the damage caused by carbon emissions.

Our hope is that eventually all homes and businesses will be carbon neutral, and we’re helping to achieve this goal one solar power installation at a time in Pennsylvania. In recent years, Pennsylvania has made great strides in solar power.

In fact, it’s now home to more than 550 solar businesses. Pink Energy is the top residential solar company in the state, helping homeowners and business owners alike to own their power. We’re intent on helping Pennsylvania residents reduce their electric bills, and we formed a partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers to raise visibility of the value of solar in the region.

Current solar power statistics in Pennsylvania

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) publishes quarterly updates that are specific to each state, including Pennsylvania. The trend across all 50 states has shown that the use of solar power is on the rise. As the price of traditional power and fossil fuels go up, and the cost of solar power installations in Pennsylvania go down, residents are more inclined to add solar. Pink Energy is here for our Pennsylvania customers every step of the way.

Currently, SEIA ranks Pennsylvania as the 22nd largest user of solar power in the country. The industry employs more than 4,100 individuals across the state, and there is currently enough solar power generated to power 55,625 homes. To date, Pennsylvania has invested $1.7 billion towards the development of solar power and there have been 26,863 installations of solar power projects throughout the state.

Resources for savings, grants, loans and rebates in Pennsylvania

The rates of solar power use in Pennsylvania are expected to continue to grow, and the price of installation has decreased by 32% over the past five years, according to SEIA. In addition to the falling cost of solar power installation in the state, there is currently a 30% federal tax rebate for purchasing customers through the end of 2032.

If you’re looking for further savings on installing solar panels in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of resources. Pink Energy offers 100% financing options for qualified homeowners, with $0 down. Additionally, there are a variety of potential state and local resources available for solar power customers, and you don’t have to look far to find them.

Additional financial resources for Pennsylvania can be found here:

The future of solar power in Pennsylvania

While Pennsylvania was ranked as the third largest producer of coal in the country as of 2017, and has the highest amount of underground gas storage sites out of any state in the country, there are plans for a cleaner future. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection released a Solar Future Plan in 2018, with the goal of expanding the use of solar power throughout the state.

The Solar Future Plan outlines hopes that Pennsylvania will move away from the use of coal and other fossil fuels, and move toward renewable resources to support the power needs of residents and businesses. The plan focuses on bettering the lives of residents, recognizing that lessening the amount of air pollution created by greenhouse emissions resulting from coal and other fossil fuels will improve the public’s health and lead to a better tomorrow.

More than 500 stakeholders have participated in the plan, recognizing that expanding the solar power industry in Pennsylvania will lead to economic growth, more job opportunities, and cleaner air and water. The project has received funding from the United States Department of Energy. The goal is to make the generation of solar power 10% of Pennsylvania’s energy output by the year 2030.

A key to doing this, according to the Plan, is to increase tax incentives and the availability of solar resources. Pink Energy is proud to be a source of solar panel installation in Pennsylvania, contributing to the state’s mission to provide an increased amount of renewable energy.

While Pennsylvania may not be the most progressive state in the country in regard to the effective implementation of solar power, the Governor’s office and the state Department of Environmental Protection have taken notice, setting in place plans to move Pennsylvania further in the right direction. Each year, solar statistics in Pennsylvania are improving, with attainable goals set to be reached in the not-so-distant future.

Pink Energy is committed to helping this mission, bettering the lives of Pennsylvania residents by creating a healthier environment and lowering the cost of electric bills for homes and businesses. Contact us today to speak with a solar specialist in Pennsylvania, and become a part of the future.

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