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The Environmental Impact of Solar Panels

May 26th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

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Solar panels support the environment by reducing carbon emissions, decreasing dependence on traditional utility grids and increasing renewable energy use. President Joe Biden recently shared his climate change plan to increase renewable energy use and prioritize environmental protection. Here are some of the key impacts of solar panels on the environment and their role in the new climate change initiative.

How solar panels can help the future of our environment

As an infinite resource, solar energy can help mitigate our impact on the climate by minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing air pollution and promoting sustainable development. Learn more about these environmental benefits of solar power below:


Non-renewable energy sources, such as oil and coal, release tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere and damage our environment when they are converted to usable energy. According to recent research, the Arctic Ocean could be completely ice-free by 2050 because of carbon emissions, which could cause harmful long-term effects for our land and water. Solar panels could help address this problem by increasing renewable energy usage and reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

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Solar panels do not release any carbon emissions into the air, which ultimately helps protect air quality. By reducing the amount of carbon humans emit into the atmosphere, we can more effectively improve our air quality and sustain overall quality of life for current and future generations.


Solar panels can be an important part of sustainable living spaces. The more homeowners start to experience the impact of solar energy on their wallets and the environment, the more eco-friendly and consumption-conscious these consumers are likely to become.

us solar jobs


Clean energy climate initiatives could potentially create millions of jobs for the United States workforce. Not only does this boost the economy, but it also provides more opportunities for people to join the fight against climate change. Demand for solar panel installers is predicted to increase as residential solar panels become more common, which is good news for both the environment and the job market.

The future of solar panels

President Biden’s new climate change plan is designed to take significant steps toward sustainable living by 2030. Outside of that plan, there is a 26% federal tax credit5 available for homeowners who install solar panels through the end of 2022. The credit decreases in 2023, so you’ll want to take advantage of the credit while you can. Also, the cost to install solar panels has decreased by 70% in the last decade, so prices become more affordable every day. For more trends in the solar industry and ways that solar panels can help the environment, read our blog.

Go solar today and decrease your fossil fuel usage

Want to get involved with the renewable energy movement? Go solar today and start reducing your carbon footprint while also potentially saving money on your electric bill. Talk to one of our solar experts today for more info.

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