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Texas Power Crisis: One Year Later

February 15th, 2022 | By Christopher Butts

one year anniversary Texas power crisis

A Rare Cold Snap Causes Texas Power Crisis

One year ago, Texas was struck with a series of winter storms that became huge, nationwide news. It wasn’t the storm itself, but the massive power outages that followed across large portions of the Lone Star State that made headlines. Some baselessly blamed the Texas power crisis on renewable sources like frozen solar or wind power equipment. However, that was far from the truth. Experts believe the massive outage began due to natural gas equipment that was not properly winterized before the storms brought record low temperatures to the area.

Those freezing temperatures exacerbated problems because a lot of Texans heat their homes with electric power. Therefore, the demand for electricity in the state had reached record highs during the cold snap. Utility companies were forced to initiate rolling blackouts to prevent that demand from overwhelming the grid, on top of the power outages that were still ongoing. At its peak, approximately 5 million people were without power. According to the Texas Department of State Health services, 210 people lost their lives during the outages, with other unofficial reports claiming the death toll was much higher. This crisis shed a much-needed light on numerous problems with the outdated electric power grid in Texas and across the country.

Renewables Wrongly Blamed for Texas Power Crisis

Extreme weather can certainly affect how solar panels function. However, it’s rare that any weather event will stop a home’s solar panels from producing any power at all, let alone cause outages. In fact, solar panels themselves can operate more efficiently in colder weather. While Pink Energy is just starting to build a footprint in Texas, we’ve been serving satisfied clients in the Midwest for years, where icy, winter storms are a dime a dozen. Wind power is also popular across much of this area, so we can safely assume that anyone blaming renewables for this crisis in Texas likely had other agendas.

Texas is unique in a lot of ways and their grid is no exception. In an effort to reduce costs and deregulate the market, the state disconnected itself from the national power grid system nearly two decades ago. It worked — electric power consumers in Texas enjoy some of the cheapest electricity rates in the country. However, that left them without the ability to purchase power from outside of the state when their grid failed.

A Practical Power Solution

What if you had an option? What if you had any choice at all in where you get your electric power? A home solar panel system gives you that choice.

Solar power is not the fix for our outdated grid system on its own and it cannot take a home completely off-grid. But we believe it is the logical first step to a cleaner, smarter, and more adaptive grid. Not only that, with a backup battery like the ones we offer, a solar customer can power portions of their home during an outage. Call us today, see what you can qualify for and gain some peace of mind knowing that you do have a choice. Own your power.

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