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Pink Energy donates $10k in support of women’s groups

April 5th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

A big part of Pink Energy’s mission is making a difference in the communities we serve. The company took steps to do that again as part of Women’s History Month in late March, as it donated $5,000 each to two women’s organizations as part of the Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things event put on by The Sisterhood for Success on March 27.

Pink Energy sponsored the event, with CEO Jayson Waller announcing the $5,000 donations to Michigan Women Forward, an organization where women and girls are empowered to be leaders, inventors, dreamers and doers, and to Charlotte, NC-based Safe Alliance, which provides hope and healing to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

The organizations were chosen because of their proximity to our headquarters offices in suburban Detroit and suburban Charlotte. Women have a special place at Pink Energy, as seven of the company’s 15 directors are women, and many more are managers that help drive the business forward.

Supporting women is also very personal for Waller, because he and wife Liz have three daughters – ages 22, 17 and 14, along with a 10-year-old son.

“It’s important to empower women to play it forward and to be able to have these same opportunities to run their businesses,” Waller said.

As part of the virtual program, Waller shared his story of how he has Pink Energy on a path to becoming a billion-dollar company after he himself came from very humble beginnings and never went to college. Those humble beginnings drove him to want more out of life, and he has Pink Energy positioned on a fast track of massive growth and expansion. Already in 2021, the company has added five new states (Georgia Kansas, Kentucky, Texas and West Virginia) to its footprint across the eastern and Midwestern U.S., bringing the total to 15.

The Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things event also featured five women speakers including Heather Monahan, Leslie Streeter, Laurie Sallarulo, Margaret Rutherford and Fabi Powell, who spoke about ways women can empower themselves to make a bigger difference in their own lives and that of others.  You can take a look at a small recap of the event below, frontloaded with a news clip about the event as well.

Beyond these donations, Pink Energy has donated to dozens of other causes in the past six years, including those impacting families, children, members of the military and even those in need globally. We’re proud to have the chance to provide funds for two more excellent organizations that are doing impactful work in their communities.

“Jayson, a heartfelt thank you from all the entrepreneurs that we serve and from all of our team,” Michigan Women Forward Director Blanca Fauble said during the event.

We’ll pivot the praise back to Fauble and to Safe Alliance. Thank you to both organizations for doing what you do for women.

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