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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

July 2nd, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Solar panels are cost effective


That’s the short answer. We’re here to tell you why.

Residential solar panels can reduce your monthly energy costs, but there’s more to it than that. Solar energy is an investment. To show you the true value of solar, we had our experts compile a list of the top 4 reasons why solar panels are worth it. Keep reading to learn why residential solar panels are worth the money and how you can get started today.

4 Reasons Solar Panels Are Worth the Cost

Residential solar panels could potentially offer both immediate and long-term savings. Discover the top 4 reasons why residential solar energy is worth the investment below.

1. Solar panels could potentially lower your electric bills

Powering your home with solar energy can potentially reduce your electric bills. However, the price of solar can vary from home to home. Things like monthly energy costs and rates of your current utility company factor into determining how many solar panels you’ll need to potentially save money. Generally speaking, the more power your home uses, the more solar panels that will be required to see potentially significant savings.

2. You take steps to own your power, not just rent it

solar panels on house roofGiven the financial uncertainty of 2020, owning your power is more valuable than ever before. Going solar gives you that opportunity, as the energy your solar panels produce will be owned by you. Utility companies can’t charge you for power you didn’t get from them, and that provides some protection against bearing the full brunt of their rate increases. Better yet, when your solar panels are paid off, that energy is completely free to you. Furthermore, if you add a battery to your solar panel system, you’ll have protection against unexpected outages because you won’t need to rely solely on the electric grid for power. Simply put, solar panels don’t just potentially save you money – they can help protect yourself and your loved ones.

3. You can offset future electric bills with net metering

Net metering is a billing system that credits you for the amount of solar power you add to the grid. Here’s how it works: Residential solar panel systems can generate more power than the home consumes during the day. Net metering allows homeowners to send that excess power back to the grid in exchange for credit on future energy bills. This is particularly beneficial at nighttime when your home is still using power, but your panels are producing less energy or no energy at all. Note that not all utilities offer net metering credits. Consult your local utility company to see if net metering is available in your area.

4. Home solar panels could potentially raise your property value

Because solar panels could potentially reduce the amount you pay for power each month, it’s reasonable to expect that others may find your home more attractive should you ever sell it. If you have two houses that are exactly the same, but only one of them has solar panels, wouldn’t you choose the one with solar, given the fact you could potentially save money on your electric bill?

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Request a Free Quote to Start Saving with Solar

In these precarious times, residential solar energy is more practical than ever before. You have the potential to lower your electric bill, and therefore your dealings with the utility company. You have the potential to have a higher-valued home. Request a free quote to get started today!

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