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Can Solar Panels Be Installed On Metal Roofs?

July 30th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia


Yes, solar panels can be installed on metal roofs! More and more homeowners are switching from traditional asphalt shingles to metal roofs for their environmental benefits.

Keep reading to explore the top 4 reasons you should install solar panels on your metal roof.

Why metal roofs are good for solar panels

Ease of Installation

Metal roof solar installation

Installing solar panels on metal roofs is easy. Because your solar installer won’t need to drill holes through your roof to attach the mounting for your panels, it is virtually impossible to cause leaks and damage to the roof.

Here’s how it is done: Brackets are placed over the humps/ribs of the roof and then fastened with screws, with no need for the brackets to be attached to the rafters. The strength of the raised metal means the brackets that hold the solar panels will be secure.


Metal roofs are durable enough to outlast the warranty on your solar panels. With this type of roof, you might be able to avoid the hassle of replacing your traditional asphalt shingle roof before installing your solar system, or taking on the additional cost to remove and reinstall your panels when the time comes to replace your roof. The amount you save on installation fees for your solar panels make metal roofing a potentially cost-effective investment.

Energy Efficiency

Solar panels can boost the cooling benefits of a metal roof and potentially increase your energy savings overall. This is because metal roofs reflect more sunlight than traditional black asphalt shingles and may be coated with reflective paint to increase this effect. Adding solar panels can potentially maximize your electric bill savings even more by shading the roof’s surface as well as generating solar power for your home.


Both metal roofs and solar panels are recyclable at the end of their lifespans and can help the environment by reducing waste and fossil fuel usage. When combined, they create a greener home.

What Type of Roof Is Best For Solar Panels

Solar panels can be installed on any type of roof, but asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material. As a result, some solar installers are unfamiliar with metal roofs, so it’s important to ask about their experience to avoid damage to your roof.

Contact Metal Roof Professionals

If you are considering solar panels for your metal roof, we can help. With over half a decade of successful installs under our belt, Pink Energy has completed plenty of jobs involving both asphalt shingle and metal rooftops. Contact us today to request a free quote, and one of our solar representatives will help you determine whether your home qualifies to go solar!

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