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Solar panels look great on the front of homes – here’s proof

October 12th, 2020 | By Chad McComas

Home solar panels on roof

When getting solar panels, one of the biggest questions we get is how solar will look on your home. That’s especially true if the panels need to be placed on the front of your home. We understand. Changing the aesthetics of your home is a big decision and one not to be taken lightly. We know the indecision one can have even when changing paint colors in a bedroom! However, we have some good news. Though we may be biased, we believe solar looks excellent on the front of homes. The photos below prove it.

It’s not always easy to see the solar panels

single story home with solar panels

The solar panels that Pink Energy install measure approximately 66 inches x 40 inches, so these are large items. However, solar panels are installed at the angle of your roof, making it look like the panels belong there. Take a look at the array placed on this ranch-style home to the right. Against this darker roof, our sleek, all-black panels blend in very well.

This home already is a beautiful one, and the solar panels do nothing to take away from that. Some people could argue that they enhance it. We would be in that group! In fact, showcasing to your neighbors that you have solar panels could earn you additional street cred for being environmentally conscious.

We’ve even had customers, including Ed and Wendy Weeks, tell us that the solar panels placed on the front of their home didn’t even get noticed by their neighbors until months after installation. After all, how many times do you ever catch yourself looking at another person’s roof? Typically, our eyes are drawn to the landscaping or other things at ground level.

A solar design right for you

overhead view of rooftop solar panels

When adding solar with help from Pink Energy, we design the look of the solar array or arrays on your home and give you the opportunity to approve the work beforehand. Most of the time, solar panels can be attached in large rectangular or square arrays like the ones to the right. Here again, because the panels look like one large piece rather than several smaller pieces, there is less attention drawn to the array.

Solar panels are traditionally placed facing south, because that’s where the most sun exposure will come throughout the day. Depending on the direction that your home faces, the south side may be the front of your home. Some circumstances may require panels to be placed on the western or eastern-facing sides of your home. You won’t want solar panels installed on the north side of your home because you just won’t get the production you want.

If your home faces south, our pictures show that there is no need for an aesthetics concern.

Solar can be beautiful

one story home with multiple rooftop solar panels

Long gone is the impression that solar panels are ugly. The industry has come a long way into perfecting how solar panels look on homes. Solar is a long-term commitment, and it’s important that it not only performs well, but that it looks good. You’ll notice the home to the right has solar arrays on three portions of its roof, including one on the side.

With every array, you see how we take advantage of all available roof space to provide as much symmetry as possible. Sometimes with roof penetrations or with chimneys, that’s not always possible. But we always do all we can to work around those penetrations to give you the best-looking product possible. Providing your home with a design that fits your satisfaction is a priority of ours.

Still not convinced solar will look good on your home?

We think seeing is believing, but it’s possible that you can’t envision solar on your home without having someone actually come to your home and show it to you. That’s where Pink Energy can help. Call (877) 4-GO-Pink and we can get a Field Energy Consultant out to your home for free so that they can take a look at your home and give you an idea of how solar will look, and where it will be optimally placed to get you the most solar production. Join the solar movement today!

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