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How Pink Energy Installers Stay Safe, Warm in Winter

December 21st, 2021 | By Chad McComas

Working through tough weather conditions is something Pink Energy’s install teams can handle well. Regardless of snow or rain, it’s all in a day’s work for those up on the roof taking care of business. Detroit crew lead Matthew White gave us his personal experience of what it’s like working through the elements – something we thought our customers should know about during these winter months!

There are usually about 3-4 installers on a roof at a time depending on the size of the solar array, and with little to break the force of the wind up high, staying warm can be difficult. During cold days, White explains that layering clothing is the best way to keep warm. The excessive amount of hoodies in his wardrobe is proof of that! It also helps sporting not one, but two pairs of socks. The installer “uniform” wouldn’t be complete without rain proof boots, a full facemask, and a long sleeve shirt to go under the hoodie.

“We do a lot to stay warm,” White explained. “It’s not fun when you get cold.”

White says they even add additional pieces to their unconventional attire such as surgical gloves under work gloves to keep the rain and melted snow water from seeping through. He also wears sweatpants under his work pants to keep warm.

As for safety precautions, the crew will carefully climb a ladder to reach the top of the roof and salt the entire surface so it’s easier to rake the snow off with the help of an extended shovel or a broom. While snow can complicate things, White says working in the rain is more difficult because when his essential tools get wet, it makes it harder to complete the job. After a soggy shift, his crew enjoys changing into dry clothes once the day is done.

Safety is always paramount for White and his team, which is why it’s important to go at a more deliberate pace to accomplish that goal. They also know to recognize when conditions become too unsafe, and they will pause work as a result (stopping, for example, when seeing lightning strike). What’s also helpful for the team is seeing photos of the roof before coming to the job site, so they can plan for tricky areas ahead of time.

Pink Energy ensures our installers are masters of what they do and that they have the right skillset of how to prepare for these circumstances. We commend them for working hard and for their efforts to continue to stay safe even during the most obstructive weather conditions!


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