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Benefits of solar panels on carports

September 9th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


On occasion, a rooftop solar installation isn’t necessarily the right plan for a business. However, that doesn’t mean adding solar should be off the table. When companies don’t have enough roof space or acreage to install ground-mounted solar systems, solar panels on carports can be the solution. The space is practically already set for the installation — all you have to do is decide if solar is right for your business.

What are solar carports?

Solar carports are essentially roof-mounted solar panels installed above parking lots. This form of installation is one of the fastest-growing trends in the commercial solar industry, primarily because the advantages are too good to pass up. Solar carports require no additional land since the solar panel installation occurs on an existing parking lot.

These are the same type of solar panels you’ll see in a residential installation, though these will be a little larger. The only difference is the where they’re installed. With increasing incentives to help businesses add solar energy, solar carports seem to be on the agenda of every business, regardless of their size.

Real benefits of solar carports

There are many benefits of installing solar carports for your business. At Pink Energy, our solar carport applications come with:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting packages for nighttime use
  • Customizable design
  • Complete design of foundations and electrical layout
  • Different color and design options
  • Complete engineering and certification

But those are just some of the added bonuses from installing solar carports with Pink Energy. Let’s talk about the benefits for your business.

Minimize energy expenses

With energy costs continuously rising, solar carports can help defend your business against rising utility costs by lowering your energy bills and making them more predictable in the future. This will help stabilize your business’ cash flow and allow you to invest these savings in other areas of your organization.

Reduce parking lot maintenance

The design of your solar carport can help channel rain and snow to certain areas, which can reduce the cost of removal and overall maintenance. It also will help your parking lot be safer during certain seasons.

Efficient use of space

Since there’s no additional space needed to install the carport, you’re basically turning your parking lot into a savings machine. By turning your carport into an electricity-producing area, you can use the space around your business more efficiently.

Reduce carbon footprint

Employees and customers are paying close attention to what businesses are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. By installing a solar carport, you’re making a commitment to your community and the greener energy cause. It’s also a fantastic way to create awareness about the environment in your area.

Whether small or big, businesses everywhere can benefit from installing solar panels on carports. If your business is ready for solar, speak with a Pink Energy expert today to learn more about the benefits and incentives available for companies like yours adding solar.

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