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Solar + Storage The Answer To Even Texas-Sized Power Outages

February 26th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

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By now most of us have either seen or heard about the major winter storm that left millions of homes and businesses in Texas without power for 70 hours. It’s the latest example of extreme weather that can pop up and wreak havoc on an aging electricity grid. Even more startling was hearing that the state’s grid operator tell its board of directors earlier this week that the grid was less than five minutes away from failing.

If it’s hard to imagine being without power for three days, just think about the last time your home lost power and how aggravating and worrisome that was. If only for a few hours, power outages can create concern for people needing to keep food and medication refrigerated. It also could keep you from working or your kids from learning, considering that many people remain working at home and schooling during the pandemic.

As concerning as power outages can be, know that there is an answer to those concerns — adding solar and battery storage at your home. Even when the grid goes down, your solar panels can continue producing when paired with a backup battery. Here’s more on how Pink Energy’s solar and battery solution can give you access to power during outages — even extended ones.

A quick word on how solar + storage works

When your solar panels generate power from the sun, the electricity produced is used by your house first, and the excess energy can either go back to the grid for a potential credit on your electric bill, or it can be stored in a battery for later use, such as during the night, when your solar panels can’t produce any energy, or during outages, when there’s no grid power at all.

Pink Energy’s baseline battery solution provides you with three battery modules that can back up three loads of your choosing, such as a refrigerator or freezer, an outlet in your home office or stove. It’s important to note that our battery solution can’t back up your entire home, and it also can’t back up an HVAC system, because the load is too great. But for the other essential home uses described here, imagine the comfort of knowing you can cook, you can work, and you can keep your refrigerated medication safe. Our customers also have the option to add three more battery packs to fill their cabinet, providing opportunities to power more loads in your home and providing you and your family further security.

While the battery system will drain with any power use in night hours, your solar panels will begin producing during daylight hours, helping to feed the critical circuits until the grid can be restored. And remember, solar works, even in the winter!

Wait, can’t solar work during power outages without a battery?

Before we go any further, many of you may be thinking that solar should always work during outages, but that’s not the case. When solar panels are not paired with a battery, your solar system is forced to shut down to prevent any excess electricity being sent back to the grid and causing dangerous conditions for those repairing downed lines. That’s why battery storage is so important — there is a place where any excess energy produced by your solar panels can be sent, and that’s to your battery.

What are the other benefits of battery storage?

Your backup battery system can help protect against time-of-use rates imposed by your utility company, and it also can help provide an answer for utility companies that don’t offer net metering.

But above all, battery storage provides homeowners with an answer to combat power outages. Don’t solely rely on the grid to power your home’s needs. Take charge of your energy future by investing in solar with battery storage. If a Texas-like storm ever wreaks havoc in your area, you’ll thank yourself for being proactive.

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