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The cost of solar: Answering all the questions that affect price

August 12th, 2020 | By Chad McComas

You’ve made the decision – I want to go solar! That generates a laundry list of questions, starting with how many solar panels you might need for your home. After that, the next question involves cost. We all want the answer to that, what is the cost of solar? Because we’re all about educating people about solar, we want to share the many conversations we’ve had with customers about this topic. They all go pretty much the same way, which should be of great help as you make such a big decision. So yeah, you have questions, we have answers.

OK, so what’s the cost of solar?

Such a simple question has such a complex answer. Solar that’s tailor-made for your home does not have a specific price tag. That’s because factors don’t just vary state to state, they vary house to house. Here’s why.

Each state’s average sunlight hours differ due to geography. For example, California is extremely sunny while Michigan does not get as much sun, meaning a 20-panel system in California will produce more energy in a set amount of time than a 20-panel system in Michigan.

Although a Michigan system will not outperform a California system of the same size, money can still be potentially saved. Due to the high prices of electricity in states such as Michigan, solar still has the potential to save you money. There are other factors too. The location of your home, the shading of your home, the amount of electricity you want to offset, the placement of panels on your home – all matter. And this is why we call it a complex topic.

OK, surely you have an average cost per solar per square footage. What is that?

Yes, we’ve provided some information about how many solar panels you might need for average square footage, but this does not account for specific home needs. Here’s a simple way of describing that: If you have two houses that are exactly the same, in the same location, with the same number of family members in the houses, the cost STILL could be different. Why? It doesn’t depend on how big your house is, it depends on how much electricity you use.

Family A could be a very heavy user of electricity, (they love air conditioning in the summer!), and Family B may be more content to leave their windows open. Family B most likely has a smaller electric bill, and they would need fewer solar panels to offset the cost of that smaller bill. So you see, it’s difficult to attribute a standard cost for solar. Needs can vary family to family.

Wait, I’ll just get my answer from one of those online solar calculators then.

Solar calculators are an option, and they can be helpful. However, do not make a decision based solely off of what the calculator says. It’s important to get a professional’s opinion. Again, the solar calculator will do its best to give you an estimation of what the cost of solar may be, but it cannot calculate every factor that determines the precise needs for your home.

Wow, this was a lot more detailed than I thought. Where do I go from here?

It’s easy, have a Pink Energy energy consultant come visit with you. We take the time to look at your home, inform you about solar, educate you on your options, and get you started on a potentially reduced power bill.

Pink Energy is one of the few companies that handles every step of the process for you. From the time you sign up, we handle the design, permitting, interconnections, and installation of your solar system so that during this process, you have only one point of contact. As one of the fastest-growing solar companies in America, Pink Energy is a great option to go solar in the states we serve. Give us a call at (877) 4-GO-Pink and we can get you started with your solar options today!

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