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4 reasons people purchase solar panels

August 16th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

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People choose to invest in solar panels for various reasons. At one point or another, they finally realize having solar panels on their roof or on a ground-mounted array is a fabulous investment. While the main reason to make the switch can change over time, all these reasons make up the majority of why people go solar. If you’ve ever wondered what makes people purchase solar panels, look no further because we’ve rounded up the top reasons based on what our customers have said.

#1 – To save money

The most significant incentive behind purchasing solar panels lies within the savings. With electricity rates continuously increasing across the nation, people are looking for more affordable ways to keep the lights on. One of the biggest bonuses of having solar panels is that people can lower their energy bills each month. Not to mention, with solar programs like ours, offering 100% financing and $0 down-payment options, making the switch becomes more affordable than ever.

#2 – For the environment

The conscious rise to care for our planet has never been more evident. Solar energy is becoming one of the leading renewable energies pushing out fossil fuels. A pressing issue to many, fighting climate change and global warming is an important cause to many homeowners buying solar panels.

Instead of tapping into dirty energy like coal, oil and gas, solar energy owners can rest assured they’re powering their homes with clean and renewable energy that’s not only good for their finances but also good for the environment. Children and future generations also play a big role here, as people want to help the environment today so that future generations can have a better life later.

By installing solar panels, in addition to a solar battery, people can forget about using generators as a backup source of power. Instead, people can power their homes with clean and renewable energy no matter the conditions.

#3 – Energy independence

People want to generate and own their power – that’s the truth. The days when people had to be completely dependent on energy companies have come to an end. People are seeking independence from these greedy companies, and solar panels provide them with the alternative to generate most of their power themselves.

#4 – Because they’re cool

Solar panels carry with them a coolness factor that cannot be ignored. Some people love being current with all things technological, and solar panels are no exception. Whether they choose to install rooftop panels or ground-mounted ones, the truth is solar panels are part of the new energy movement that feeds on technology and innovation. Those looking to move away from traditional fossil-fueled energy sources see solar energy as a way to step into the future.

If you are considering adding solar, maybe these four reasons will persuade you. However, if you still have some questions about it, don’t despair, one of our solar experts is always available to answer all your questions about solar. Call (877) 4-GO-Pink or contact us today.

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