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Home visits tell story of 5 Pink Energy customers

May 29th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


Pink Energy routinely posts short videos of interviews with our customers following their solar panel installations because it’s a great way for us to showcase our work and for our customers to tell others about the job we’ve done for them.

What we were lacking was the chance to revisit some of those homeowners who have been installed for six months or more and showcase how their solar panels have really worked for them.

We had that chance in recent months, visiting the homes of five of our customers across four states in our company footprint – two in Michigan, and one each in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina. All five have their own reasons why they wanted to go solar, and why it made sense for them. But the common threads were that they liked the opportunity to save money, and they wanted to do the right thing for the environment. So meet Dana Rosenthal from Wolverine Lake, Michigan, Ed and Wendy Weeks from Columbiaville, Michigan, Jill Barnes from Lima, Ohio, Claudia Clifton from Gloucester, Virginia, and Matt and Jennifer Ruff from Supply, North Carolina.

Along with the videos we shot of each, we wrote an in-depth article about their story – something that showcases the people they are and what solar has meant to them. We are proud to have made a difference in very positive ways for each customer!

Dana Rosenthal

What’s cool about Dana is that he was our first customer in Michigan. He even has a hybrid electric Mini Cooper, an indication that his interest in sustainability isn’t just limited to his own power generation. Here is his video story:


Ed and Wendy Weeks

Ed and Wendy Weeks are a pretty cool couple, as they play well off one another and aren’t afraid to give each other the business. He works for General Motors and she runs an in-home hair salon. They were interested in lowering what they pay the power company, thereby paying themselves in the long run. They’re able to do just that with solar.


Jill Barnes

Jill Barnes needs her indoor swim spa to be continuously heated, and that spa allows her to do routine exercises she needs to function following a car accident that left her with a broken neck in two places.


Claudia Clifton

Claudia Clifton has the largest Christmas lights display in her city, and she is very proud of it. She’s proud of the money they also helped her save, and she’s intent on sharing that message with others who may be interested in solar panels.


Matt and Jennifer Ruff

Matt Ruff and his family rode out Hurricane Florence in their Supply, N.C., home, and they had some concerns about how their ground-mounted solar panels would hold up. Turns out those concerns were unfounded.


So, in reading the stories of these customers and hearing their own words, how can you not be interested in generating clean energy at your home? Going solar allows you to reduce your electric bills and lower your carbon footprint at the same time. The great thing about solar payments is that there is an end date to them, unlike your electric bill which will never end.

These five customers may be ahead of you in owning their power, but the timing is still right for you to get the most value that you can out of our American-made solar panels.

If you want to be like one of these fabulous five customers, Pink Energy would love to work with you. Call us at (877) 4-GO-Pink or visit gopink.com for more information. Don’t rent your power, own it with help from Pink Energy.

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