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Pink Energy Empowers Sales Rep Who Nearly Lost It All

October 30th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

kaleb webb

Pink Energy assistant district manager Kaleb Webb is the prime example of why no one should give up hope, and why adversity should not be seen as a negative, but only as a problem waiting to be solved.

Prior to joining the company’s sales team in late February, Webb spent the three prior years trying to make ends meet. The youth pastor and former CEO of a screen-printing graphic design company lost nearly everything after his business partner stole $35,000 from him, forcing Webb and his expectant wife into bankruptcy.

The lone silver lining to the nightmare of problems came from the Cape Girardeau, Mo., community that Webb had so abundantly served. Donations came from friends and strangers alike that kept Webb and his family from being homeless, and it extended Webb’s determination to do all he could to make ends meet. He worked three jobs – as a landscaper, as a handyman, and at Pizza Hut – walking to each job because he and his wife no longer had vehicles.

Amid those struggles, Webb discovered a friend working as a Field Energy Consultant for Pink Energy, and he heard how the company was a great fit for those with entrepreneurial spirits. Given Webb’s business background, that lit a spark in him to find a way to borrow a car and head two-plus hours north to St. Louis for a job interview. When 10 days had passed without a word from the company following his interview, Webb was ready to give up and move on until he got a call from regional manager Jay Gahm. He was hired, and concern over taking a commission-only role would not stop him.

“For me, it was empowering because I knew that the only thing that would stop me is myself,” Webb said. “And I’ve already been through that. Being a business owner, you know you have to grind, you have to network, you have to connect. What Pink Energy did for me in that moment was that I had nothing else but that, so I jumped on it.”

What Pink Energy has meant for Kaleb Webb

Webb has since hit his stride with the company, having been promoted to an assistant district manager’s role and has paid more than $12,000 in taxes courtesy of his sales ability – more than the amount his family was gifted when bankruptcy hit.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but Pink Energy gave me and my family my power back,” Webb says.

With that power returning, Webb did not forget what others did to help him, and how much he revels in helping others. With others struggling with job losses stemming from COVID-19, Webb says he and his wife have stepped in to help 4-5 families so they could avoid losing everything like he once did.

Webb is driven by his faith and is all about becoming a better person, and he’s gotten that chance again with Pink Energy. He sees the sales process that allows him to feel like he is his own boss again. He responds to the challenge with who he is and how solar can potentially change customer lives, and it’s more than enough to make a difference.

“I see the expressive outlet, and I see there’s no cap to my potential, so I know that I can grow as far as I can take myself,” Webb says.

Pink Energy was the opportunity that Webb needed, and it can be for you. To learn more about a career in sales with the company, visit our Solar Jobs page to learn more about one of the opportunities in our 10-state footprint.

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