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Pink Energy formally known as POWERHOME SOLAR honored at the Globee Awards in San Francisco

October 29th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

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SAN FRANCISCO – The venue for Monday’s Globees Awards ceremony was all too fitting, given it took place at the InterContinental Mark Tompkins hotel nestled atop Nob Hill, one of this city’s signature neighborhoods. Pink Energy, whose footprint now includes nine states, took home the same number of awards for its work in bringing solar energy systems and energy efficiency services to its customers.

Among these nine awards, six were gold, with Pink Energy chief financial officer Juan Ramirez claiming one of those as Finance Executive of the Year. With an accounting team of only 6½ employees, Pink Energy eclipsed $100 million in revenue for the first time in the company’s four-year history in 2018. As the company’s full-time CFO, Ramirez has overseen an overhaul of banking, payroll and accounting products and processes that has transformed Pink Energy’s accounting department into one that is professional in every aspect.

That he and his team completed this in about a year’s time speaks to his vision and to his own professionalism, bringing a company that relied on cash accounting methods into one that now utilizes GAAP accounting, the methodology used and accepted worldwide.

“It was definitely a team effort of the accounting team and hiring the right individuals that were able to help drive that vision,” Ramirez says. “It was definitely not a one-man show. It has always been about the team, and the team did it, and this award is for all the employees, but especially the accounting team that works their butt off on a daily basis.”

Ramirez’s wife Beatriz, president Steve Murphy and director of customer relations Joe Caban all celebrated in Ramirez’s success, and also provided the hands necessary to bring home the eight other awards earned by the company and those that lead it.

The Globee Awards won by Pink Energy

Pink Energy won additional gold recognition as Company of the Year in the Energy & Utilities and U.S. categories, and CEO Jayson Waller swept both categories as Professional of the Year, along with adding Entrepreneur of the Year to that haul.

Pink Energy also won silver honors for Customer Growth of the Year, as it saw 187 percent growth in customers from 2017 to 2018, and Sales Revenue Growth of the Year, with that number growing 193 percent in the same span. Pink Energy earned bronze recognition in the Milestone of the Year category for eclipsing $100 million in revenue for the first time in 2018.

That nine-digit revenue could come in a four-year span makes Caban, who joined the company in 2016, routinely marvel at the company’s accomplishments, and all the employees who helped make it happen.

“I think about it all the time,” Caban says. “Overnight it just blew up.”


Pink Energy loves success, but it always is seeking more

Behind all the numbers is Ramirez, who strives for efficiency and excellence from himself and others. His eye on every metric helps Pink Energy build a better business not only for the 700 employees that work for it but for every customer that gets solar installed. Murphy knows that and appreciates it.

“I always want more, but the company is doing extraordinarily well, and I’m happy with where we’ve gotten so far,” Murphy says. “I’m confident about where we’re going, I’m confident about our growth. I’m pleased with the financial underpinnings and the structure that we put in to run the company, to grow the company. Our next phases are going to be more about making sure we have all of our operational house in order to keep all the different pieces moving. All the pieces of the machine have to work at the same time.”

Every awards ceremony is an opportunity for the Pink Energy family to acknowledge its success, and to be excited that others recognize standout performance. Awards are never a crowning achievement for the business, because when one benchmark is hit, the bar is reset to achieve the next. There’s hunger to get that done, to get Pink Energy to being the No. 1 residential solar installer in the country in the Solar Power World rankings. As it stands, we’re only 7 spots away from that.

Pink Energy might have been atop Nob Hill on Monday night, but its climb toward further excellence continues on a daily basis.

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