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Pink Energy’s culture of caring helps 90-year-old keep cool

June 25th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy is a huge believer in helping members of our community, whether it’s providing turkey dinners for families at Thanksgiving, donating a solar system to a deserving veteran as part of the Lifetime TV miniseries “Military Makeover,” or supporting children’s causes. But that doesn’t stop us from assisting others who simply need help.

That culture of caring is why Pink Energy wanted to help 90-year-old Sterling Heights, Michigan, resident V.L. Austin, who needed assistance getting the air conditioning fixed at his home. On a fixed income, Austin doesn’t have the money needed to get it repaired. But one of Austin’s neighbors is Pink Energy Midwest Regional Network Administrator George Coss, who knows Austin as someone who’s always helping neighbors with small jobs around their homes. Austin approached Coss about his issue, and with Coss knowing how self-reliant Austin is, he knew Austin truly needed the help.

That’s when Coss, an Army veteran, put in a few phone calls to fellow colleagues at Pink Energy — warehouse manager Herb Taylor and project manager Jared Thienel — to look into the matter, and both were happy to assist.

Pink Energy’s help was truly needed

Austin believed that the failure was caused by animals that had chewed into his wiring. Turns out that wasn’t the case at all.

“His electrical was shorted out to the point of failure, and it was arcing, so literally the electrical lines melted themselves,” Coss said. “And the only thing that prevented the house burning down was happenstance.”

At first, Coss planned to pay for any repair costs out of his own pocket. But once Pink Energy director of operations Bill Waller heard of Austin’s need, Waller told Coss that the company would take care of everything.

“There was no conversation. None of the management or ownership asked ‘Does he need it? What’s the situation?’” Coss said. “It was more of, ‘Nah, just make it happen. Just send us the bill.’ Pink Energy stepped up to make it happen.”

Part of troubleshooting the problem meant calling FLAME Heating and Colling to determine whether the AC unit was safe to use. After FLAME did its due diligence, Thienel, a master electrician, repaired the faulty wiring and brought the air conditioner back online.

“I really appreciated it,” Austin said. “I just kept thanking ‘em, you know, and the electrician that come out and did this, he did the most beautiful job.”

When Austin overheard Coss talking with Thienel about taking Thienel out to dinner as thanks for helping his neighbor, Austin showed his appreciation by buying Coss a 12-pack of Budweiser.

“Little things like that, that was just an unsought blessing,” Coss said. “Those are the little things that make it worth it.”

That culture of caring is what makes Pink Energy a special place to work. The little things can mean so much to others. And we’re glad that we’re keeping Austin cool this summer.

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