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What a year! Pink Energy reflects on 2018’s accomplishments

December 26th, 2018 | By Roger Kuznia

2018 was a year of significant growth and achievement for Pink Energy, and when we stopped to think about everything, the list of accomplishments got to be quite long. For starters, we grew from 210 employees to over 600, are primed to set a new revenue record, moved into two new states, formed partnerships with four pro football franchises and supported the military community in meaningful ways. We did all of those things to help build a movement for clean, green energy, one solar panel at a time. We’re intent on helping customers own their power, not just continually rent it from the power company!

We’re so excited for what 2019 holds, but before we get there, let’s recap the prior 12 months for Pink Energy.

Hello, Ohio and Pennsylvania!Justin Verlander and wife Kate Upton’s Patriot Ruck

Pink Energy started 2018 working in just four states — Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. In May, we announced our arrival in Ohio, opening an office in suburban Columbus to facilitate the growth. After seeing significant success in the Buckeye State, we moved into Pennsylvania and are currently serving the westernmost part of the state. That could be changing soon, so stay tuned if you’re interested in adding solar in the rest of the Keystone State!

Forming partnerships with 4 pro football teams

To fuel our visibility to consumers and grow our company, Pink Energy formed partnerships with the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers. That work started with the Lions in April before adding the Panthers and Browns in September and the Steelers in November. As part of those partnerships, we already have installed solar panels for the Lions (at the Ford Field parking garage and at team headquarters in Allen Park, Mich.) and Browns (at FirstEnergy Stadium), and will be doing the same with the Panthers and Steelers in the near future.

You may have seen the commercials we produced to help broadcast our messaging. In case you missed them, one featured Lions special teams standouts Sam Martin and Matt Prater, Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller and Solar Dog!


The next featured Browns punter Britton Colquitt, Waller, Waller’s son and Solar Dog, and, oh yeah, it went viral.

Finally, we had more fun with Panthers Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil directing our commercial that featured some of his teammates, including star linebacker Luke Kuechly. We even took you behind the scenes!

Supporting our military community

Pink Energy was proud to partner with the Lifetime TV miniseries “Military Makeover” over the summer to give wounded Army veteran Casey Harrison of suburban Kansas City, Mo., a solar energy system for his home. Given how much Harrison gave to his country, we were so happy to give back to him in a most meaningful way. So many other businesses came together to help the Harrisons. Check out all the home renovations that were done!

In addition, Pink Energy supported former Detroit Tigers star Justin Verlander and wife Kate Upton’s Patriot Ruck, a military-themed walk through downtown Detroit that acknowledges the sacrifices of current military members, veterans and first responders. Pink Energy is also a supporter of Verlander’s Wins for Warriors Foundation and also of former Lions star Golden Tate’s Golden Future Foundation, having sponsored Tate’s annual Stars and Strikes charity event that supports the military community.

No. 12 ranking on U.S. residential installers list

Pink Energy was recognized as the No. 12 residential solar installer in the U.S. by Solar Power World in July, which was another pride point for the business. At the close of 2018, the company has installed over 55 megawatts of solar systems since its inception in 2015, and we are primed for further growth on that list in 2019.

PE named Michigan’s Emerging Business of the Year

In November, Pink Energy was named Michigan’s Emerging Business of the Year by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council. Since entering Michigan in 2017, Pink Energy has made the state its largest market among the six states it serves. With the average residential electricity rate in Michigan being the 11th highest in the nation, Pink Energy provides affordable solar solutions that help the average Michigan homeowner save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of his/her solar system. To have our work recognized in such a public way was another huge honor for our business.

Supporters of the community

In September in the Detroit area, Pink Energy organized an event to fill an 18-wheeler with relief supplies to help victims of Hurricane Florence and delivered them to Wilmington, N.C., one of the cities affected most by the storm. And in November, we gave away 100 turkey dinners to families in need in the Detroit area. In other times during the year, we supported events for the Stephen Tulloch Foundation and the Sam Martin Foundation.

In delivering clean energy solutions to its customers, raising awareness for necessary causes and taking action in our community, Pink Energy has been at the forefront of expanding the use of advanced energy in all of its markets. If you are interested in going solar in one of our six markets, we want to hear from you as we prepare for what should be an incredible 2019.

With our innovative solar program, homeowners in our coverage area (Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia) can go solar for $0 up-front cost, save money on their electric bills, and generate their own clean energy. The solar panels installed on your home are American-made and come with a 30-year warranty, with many panels expected to last well beyond that.

Please feel free to fill out the form below or contact Pink Energy at (877) 4-GO-Pink, and one of our solar representatives will help you determine whether your home qualifies for this program.

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