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Pink Energy unveils new logo!

December 7th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy Logo

If you’ve been on our website or social media channels in recent days prior to Friday, you probably took notice of our logo, which included an image of a solar panel in blue and the words ‘Pink Energy’ in orange, green and blue. That all changed late Friday afternoon as we rolled out a new logo, one that is simplified yet more sophisticated. Roll credits, please!


While our logo has changed, the level of service and commitment Pink Energy has for its customers remains unchanged. We are just as intent on providing solar energy systems and energy efficiency products to as many customers as possible in our nine-state footprint. We have been on a significant growth trajectory since 2017, which is a big reason why Pink Energy won as many awards for its work as we did in 2019. Take a look at all of the accolades — we won’t mind if you need to rest in the midst of reading them, because that list is long!

2019 Pink Energy Awards

So while the new logo is in and the old is out, know that Pink Energy’s fleet of vehicles will get their own facelift in the coming weeks. So if you see our lime green cars and installation vans on the road (or in your driveway!), know that change is on the way there too. We also will be rolling out our new logo with our professional sports team partners on a similar timeline.

If you see the excitement and value in adding solar at your home with Pink Energy’s help, we encourage you to call (877) 4-GO-Pink to see if solar is right for you. Qualified homeowners can take advantage of our $0 down, 100% financing plan. Come join the movement, and let the sunshine in at your home!

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