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Pink Energy Partners with Generac to Provide Solar Battery Option

April 16th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy announced a partnership with Generac Power Systems, an American manufacturer of backup power generation products for residential and commercial markets. Pink Energy now provides homeowners with a complete energy package that includes Generac battery storage components with any solar panel installation.

A Generac solar battery system, known as the PWRcell, is scalable and can store between 8.6 and 17.1 kilowatt hours of energy. PWRcell batteries offer backup power and smart energy management based on customer needs. PWRcell’s modular design allows for easy customization for any home or budget.

“When we install a solar battery as part of a solar panel system, it allows the homeowner to store excess electricity instead of sending it back to the grid. When solar panels aren’t producing electricity, particularly at night, homeowners can use the energy stored by the PWRcell battery,” said Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller. “Generac’s battery technology will give our customers greater peace of mind in ensuring their home has power whenever they need it.”

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The addition of solar panel systems, along with batteries, are eligible for a 26 percent federal tax credit that runs through the end of 2020.

“Generac has created the market for and is the leader in residential backup power,” said Michael Rather, vice president of sales for Generac. “Partnering with Pink Energy enables us to provide a complete package to help customers harness, store and utilize solar power to save money on utility bills, increase the use of renewable energy and prepare for outages.”

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