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What goes on at a Pink Energy commercial shoot? Glad you asked

November 1st, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

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Nov. 1 marked the release of a handful of commercials Pink Energy will be airing in its markets, and we are excited in broadcasting the finished product! While the public only sees the 30 seconds of polish, you may be surprised to learn about all the work that goes into such a production. We’ve already shown behind-the-scenes photos and video from this commercial shoot starring CEO Jayson Waller, but nothing beats being there, to simply observe and talk to the people involved.

Pink Energy hired the Sussman Agency to take on this latest shoot, and that brought us to Stage A at suburban Detroit’s Studio Center, a massive whitewashed space with a 30-plus-foot ceiling. The Sussman team brings considerable experience and expertise in visual storytelling, making it the perfect team to continue amplifying Pink Energy’s message across its growing footprint in the Midwest and Southeast.


While actual shooting didn’t start until 10:45 a.m., a dozen crew members were on site at 8 a.m., setting up the lights, camera, audio, and everything in between. It didn’t take long before a space measuring 140 feet by 108 feet is staged with all the necessary equipment. The true fun begins when the camera rolls.

“I’m ready to continue to build a movement,” Waller said before getting started. “I’m jacked up. I’m ready to get everybody solar in America.”

Getting started

Call time for Waller was 10 a.m., and after some initial hellos to a handful of Sussman team members, he went for hair, makeup and wardrobe perfections. A steam iron got the remaining wrinkles out of a few shirts he was to wear, and if anything ever became amiss on set, it was quickly addressed.

Given the enormity of shooting 12 commercials in a day, one might wonder whether Waller had any pre-shoot anxiety the morning of or the night before. His wife Liz knows better.

“He’s totally the same,” Liz says. “There’s no stress, he doesn’t worry at all. Just another day at the office. For me, I’d be freaking out.”

Overheard and seen on set

The shoot begins with encouragement from Alan Sussman, the president of the agency, who reminds Waller about posture, about energy, and about smiling for the camera. Sussman is like anyone who has the chance to meet Waller, taken in by Waller’s passion and drive.

“This is all about energy. It’s always about energy. If you believe it, I believe it. So if you don’t believe Jayson Waller, you’re not paying attention,” Sussman says. “Every word he says, everything he’s thinking, he believes. Wake him up in the middle of the night, he’ll tell you that same thing. He believes what he believes. What you’re hearing is his real voice.”

The first commercial was one that may have taken the longest to complete, simply because the Sussman team set expectations for excellence on the three key points described above. Once Waller found the sweet spot, things began rolling.

It was easy to hear compliments on set based on Waller’s ease in the spotlight. A couple of those:

“Every close is perfect. When he pops that smile…”

“When he does the, ‘I’m not holding back,’ he’ll jump right off your television.”

What we wish we could tell you is some of the colorful language Sussman delivered in describing ultra-good takes. But we know our audience, and that is best left to the imagination.


Critiques weren’t always positive, though. When constructive criticism was warranted, Sussman delivered it with similar passion (minus the colorful language), knowing that Waller needed more of this, or less of that, right when Pink Energy’s CEO needed it. Or if script revisions were needed, Sussman worked within minutes or seconds with his associates to make those improvements.

All of the work put in should help raise Pink Energy’s profile in its markets, and company president Steve Murphy likes what he sees.

“He’s great at it, which is why we back off and let him do it,” Murphy says.

How this helps Pink Energy build a movement

When the shoot wrapped up just before 6 p.m., Waller was still smiling, though you could tell he had emptied the tank. Asked how his cheeks felt from 7 hours of showcasing his pearly whites, Waller brought forth the necessary energy.

“They’re good. They feel infectious. I’m excited to get the word out there for solar,” Waller says. “I may go to sleep tonight looking like the Joker.”

Look for Pink Energy’s commercials coming to a screen near you. Or, if you’re simply ready to add solar at your home right now, feel free to call us at (877) 4-GO-Pink, and we will be happy to see if your home qualifies.


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