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Pink Energy’s extra efforts allow Illinois customer to go solar

June 5th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy prides itself in doing all the behind-the-scenes work in preparation for your solar panel installation. Most times, that process occurs with little fanfare, but there are situations where we get to go the extra mile for customers when existing rules in a city or county raise questions or concerns about solar. Two such examples occurred in North Carolina and Ohio.

The latest example of successful extra intervention came in La Salle, Illinois, a small community of 9,000 nestled along Interstate 80. Spencer Szuda signed a contract in February to have solar panels installed by Pink Energy because he was tired of high electric bills. What he didn’t know was that the city required a variance hearing to give his neighbors the chance to raise any questions about the solar project.

Concerns over COVID-19 delayed that hearing to a late April conference call, and that’s when Pink Energy sales consultant Paul Gryniuk answered all the questions asked by interested parties during a hearing that lasted approximately 40 minutes. Pink Energy’s credentials speak for themselves, but Gryniuk provided more of that view.

“Paul was very upstanding. He was like my Superman,” Szuda said. “He did an outstanding job. He’s very quick when people had a question. He didn’t have to think about it, he was quick with his response. I really enjoyed him, and he said all the things that went above and beyond.”

Pink Energy’s work gets the needed approval

After that first successful meeting with neighbors, La Salle’s mayor and other city dignitaries unanimously voted to approve the project during a second, city-wide hearing. In essence, we made it easy.

“They said at the second meeting, they never had a business be so professional, that had all the questions that they might have had already proactively addressed and ready to go,” Szuda said.

So after jumping through those two hoops, Szuda’s project was green-lighted. A few weeks later, we were arriving at his home for the install. Even that went well, as the Pink Energy truck at his home drew interested bystanders to stop in and look. Szuda passed out a few of Gryniuk’s business cards, so hopefully Mr. Szuda won’t be the only La Salle resident that chooses to work with Pink Energy!

At last check, Szuda’s solar panel system passed its scheduled inspection earlier this week, and all that remains is getting permission from the utility company to energize the system. Szuda said it will feel great when the switch is flipped.

“It was emotional, but it came through and everything was fine in the long run,” Szuda said.

Congratulations, Mr. Szuda! Welcome to the Pink Energy family! Take a look at what we have to offer at locations like Chicago!

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