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Remember, Pink Energy is a roofing company too!

June 5th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


We at Pink Energy are fond of saying that we’re more than just a solar panel installer for residential and business customers. We are a roofing company as well, so when your roof ever needs replacing, we are able to do both jobs for you.

We have an excellent example of customers that decided to get both solar panels and a new roof from us in Claudia and Phillip Clifton, who live in Gloucester, Virginia. Claudia found the combined price to be unbeatable, and she is indeed happy with the results.

But beyond that, interested customers still may wonder how our roofing work looks. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than photo proof, right? Pink Energy is a GAF-certified roofer, which is your assurance that you’re dealing with a dependable, professional team that also uses high-quality products. We typically install asphalt shingles or metal roofs, and you can see examples of those shingled roofs in the picture above and in the one below.

Pink Energy Solar-roofing-solar panels

What happens when I need a new roof?

For those interested in going solar, but also are in need of a new roof (like our customer Claudia Clifton), it is indeed best to get your roof replaced before putting on solar panels, as you’re setting yourself up for years of very little maintenance needed for this part of your home. Our solar panels come with a 30-year warranty, which is five years longer than the industry standard. And typically all that’s needed to care for your panels is to hose them off if they ever get dirty or covered in leaves. Mother Nature also helps with that cleanup too.

But if your roof still has plenty of life left, there’s no need to replace your roof for the sake of replacing it. While there is a cost for removal and reinstallation of your panels when your roof does need replacing, that cost more than pays for itself, considering that the average solar customer will save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of his/her solar system. This investment in your home not only pays off financially, but also environmentally too, as your home will be generating clean, green energy.

For more information about getting a roofing quote for your home or business, call Pink Energy at (877) 4-GO-Pink to get the process started. Those interested in solar can call the same number. Look forward to hearing from you!

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