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An inside look at Pink Energy’s Permitting Department    

February 16th, 2022 | By Christopher Butts

Editor’s note: One of the great values in choosing to go with Pink Energy is that we do nearly all of the behind-the-scenes paperwork in preparation for your installation. And then we install the panels too! To give you a full look at our process, we’re showcasing each of our departments that help get you to the point of installation. Today is our look at the Pink Energy Permitting Department.

What’s Involved in Permitting?

We all know safety is paramount during a solar installation. Electricity can be hazardous to handle, not to mention all the work we do high up on rooftops. While Pink Energy only uses trained professionals to install our American made solar panels, most states and jurisdictions we operate in require special permits to do the work that we do. With our 15 (and counting) state footprint, it can be quite a workload to get all that paperwork filed. Thankfully, Pink Energy has a team devoted to obtaining these permits in a timely manner for our customers, fittingly called the Permitting Department.

When we get your project started at Pink Energy, one of the very first things we do is apply for permitting on your behalf, so you don’t have to do that work. And we’re not just talking about electrical permits here. There are building permits required in many states, and some may even require a solar specific permit. If you’re building a ground-mounted solar system, that may require an environmental health analysis, as well as a zoning permit. With our growing list of customers, you can imagine the type of lift it takes to handle all that red tape.

Managing a Growing Team

“Every day is different, and every day is busy,” is how Permitting Manager Susan Lynaugh describes it. “You are busy from the moment you walk through the door until the end of the day… and the day flies!”

Lynaugh has been with us for four years and has witnessed our company’s expansive growth during that time.

“When I took over, I think there were between 10 and 12 of us in the department. I now have 46, 47 people… there were 350 employees total at Pink Energy. Now there are well over 2,000.”

The Permitting Department has certainly played a significant role in that growth. With each state and location having different rules and regulations regarding permits, most of the employees in Lynaugh’s department are divided up by territory.

The Versatility of our Permitting Department

While a lot of folks, like Susan, work in an office at our North Carolina headquarters, there are many in the department who work in the regions to which they are assigned. These include “permit runners” whose job it is to deliver and retrieve permits quickly so our clients can enjoy the white glove service we offer on install day.

“We have certain jurisdictions, that if we apply in person, we could get it up to two weeks quicker,” Lynaugh says. “A permit can immediately be put into review If you go in person and apply. If it’s in the mail, it’ll sit in a mail room… So, we always try to apply in person.”

Of course, a lot of states allow you to apply for permits online now. No matter the method, the department is dedicated to getting the proper permits for our customers in a timely manner.

“We are constantly trying to get their permit as quick as possible!” says Lynaugh.

Permitting Team Working Together For You

The strength of the department makes that a priority. “I have a great team… Everyone works together.”

Prospective and future Pink Energy customers can rest assured knowing Susan and her team are doing their very best behind the scenes to get your solar panel system safely and properly installed within the legal framework of your location. In fact, due to recently improved procedures, you may talk to Susan or someone from the Pink Energy Permitting department soon.

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