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The value in Pink Energy’s energy efficiency package

October 15th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy is an energy efficiency company that provides high-quality American-made solar panels as part of a complete energy-savings package for its residential customers. We include this energy efficiency package (EEP) as part of every installation because we want your home operating at maximum efficiency when your solar panels are installed, allowing your panels to produce energy that truly is needed for your home. When your home is not wasting energy, you’ll need fewer solar panels to power it, and that may save you money on installation.

Pink Energy includes four items in its package: blown insulation in your attic, a hot water heater blanket, 20 LED light bulbs and an attic staircase insulator. Just how much can these items reduce your energy consumption? We found helpful answers from federal agencies.

The 4 items in Pink Energy’s energy efficiency package

Added blown insulation: The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that “homeowners can save an average of 11 percent on total energy costs by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists.” For our part, we simply add insulation in your attic, and that addition may be the biggest win for you and your home.

Hot water heater blanket: Simply wrapping your tank with a thermal blanket may save you 7-16 percent annually on your water heating needs, according to the Department of Energy. Preventing that heat from escaping means there’s less energy needed to keep that water warm. It’s the classic case of work smarter, not harder, and you are the beneficiary.

LED light bulbs: Pink Energy will provide 20 LED light bulbs that you can use to replace some or all of the light fixtures in your home. What’s the benefit there? Per the DOE, “ENERGY STAR-qualified LEDs use only 20 percent–25 percent of the energy and last 15 to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs they replace.” While LED bulbs cost more up front, they may save you more in the long run. They also will shine brighter and emit very little heat. You can touch an LED bulb hours after it’s been turned on and not get burned. Try that on an incandescent bulb, and you are sure to feel it. It’s possible that 20 bulbs may be all you need to fully transition your home to LED-powered fixtures, but for customers that need more, making the switch to all of them figures to be well worth your time.

Attic staircase insulator: Unlike the rest of your attic (where we will be adding more blown insulation!), attic doors aren’t as fully insulated, meaning that hot and cold air can escape much more easily there. The insulator prevents that air exchange from happening. According to the Department of Energy, your savings will depend on your cost for energy and how airtight your insulator is over your staircase. For our part, we will do all that’s possible to ensure the best fit.

The effectiveness of all of these improvements will vary depending on the current level of efficiency in your home. If your home is one that stands to truly benefit from all these upgrades, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor beyond powering your home with renewable energy. But remember, becoming additionally energy efficient doesn’t give you license to keep the lights on all the time! The important thing is to always be a good steward of your electricity use, and these changes figure to pay off in the long run.

Pink Energy offers 100 percent financing and $0 down for qualified homeowners looking to add solar to their home. Our American-made solar panels are a big selling point for our business, and they come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Fill out the handy form below or call us today at (877) 4-GO-Pink to see if your home qualifies to go solar. We do all the behind-the-scenes work so you don’t have to, making this process easy for you to start enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

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