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Nash County amends solar ordinance

August 6th, 2018 | By Roger Kuznia


Nash County Amends Solar Ordinance

Monday marked a win for solar energy in North Carolina’s Nash County, where the county’s board of commissioners voted unanimously to allow ground-mounted units on residential properties. And Jason Cassidy, the coastal district manager for Pink Energy and Roofing, played a part in overturning the existing restrictions.

In working with a potential Nash County customer earlier this year, Pink Energy learned that the proposed installation of a ground-mounted unit was being blocked by county ordinance. In following up to determine why, the company learned that another North Carolina solar installer had a similar issue and brought forth an amendment to try and change the legislation. There are no such restrictions on rooftop arrays in Nash County.

During the county’s information gathering process, Cassidy presented information in an open hearing in mid-July that showed existing North Carolina law (N.C. General Statute 153A-144) prohibits counties from blocking a solar installation at a residential property, but could restrict where the installations could be placed.

With the help of Pink Energy’s design team, Cassidy showcased how the ground-mount solar system would fit within the county’s aesthetic guidelines and also addressed concerns the county had regarding safety.

With state law having been found to supersede Nash County’s ordinance, the measure passed unanimously. Cassidy was pleased that his research and 11-minute presentation a few weeks earlier did something to help the entire county.

“When we talk about building a movement, we’re helping people take control of their power and helping the environment,” Cassidy said. “We’re trying to dispel some old-school thought processes. To me, it’s one more step in the right direction of building something bigger. We’re doing something good.”

The measure helps those Nash County residents whose zoning is controlled by the county, says Nancy Nixon, planning director for Nash County. The move won’t specifically help those in Nash County cities that have their own zoning, but Nixon said those locales still have to abide by the state law.

Pink Energy would be proud to work with anyone in Nash County who is interested in getting a ground-mounted solar array (and of course, those who would rather have rooftop arrays too!). We’ll educate you on the financial and environmental benefits of going solar and see if it is right for you.

Pink Energy is the largest residential provider of solar energy solutions in all five of its markets. The company prides itself on using American-made products, and 100 percent of its services are provided solely by company employees to help boost local economies.

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