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With Military Makeover complete, check out the final look!

September 22nd, 2020 | By Chad McComas

military makeover

Last week marked the final episode of Season 23 of Military Makeover airing on Lifetime TV, when Marine Mastery Gunnery Sergeant Marcelino Marquez and his family got their first look at their whole-home makeover. Every reveal episode is incredibly special, and for Pink Energy to have been part of a project that brought so much joy to the Marquez family made it especially so for us.

Installing solar panels in Dacula, Georgia

Pink Energy installed 20 solar panels and a battery backup system for the Marquez family in Dacula, Georgia. Also, seven of our nine crew members taking part in the install were veterans. It was beautiful weather in mid-June when completing the installation, and host Art Edmonds and Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller discussed that process while on set. As Edmonds mentions in the following clip, this was our second time on Military Makeover. Our first opportunity to help a veteran on Military Makeover came two years ago.

We loved seeing our Geoff Glenn, Ben Davis, Aaron Porter and Carlos Cordero get the chance to speak on camera about working on this project, and they and the five others on our team made us proud. We are so appreciative of the military community and love helping veterans in any way we can. That’s why we have many veterans on our staff. We know we’re getting quality people who do things the right way.

Up-close and personal look at solar panels

What’s cool about this season of Military Makeover is that we had two opportunities to be featured. The first discussed the installation, and this second appearance focused more on the nuts and bolts of what customers can expect when going solar with Pink Energy.

The type of solar panels used for this installation were all-black, and they looked sleek on the Marquezes’ roof. Solar panels are made to survive a wide range of weather conditions and may outlast the lifespan of the roof. This particular installation took two days for our team to complete. However, that was more because of filming schedules than an inability by our team to get it done more quickly. Most solar panel installation jobs completed by Pink Energy are done within a day.

Through our American-made solar panels and our battery backup system, the Marquezes are potentially setting themselves up to rely more on themselves for power and less on the utility company. Should their power ever go out, their battery kicks in to power the protected loads in their home.

Donating our time and energy for this project was awesome, especially seeing the support it got from those locally. We saw so many in the Atlanta area volunteer their time to help with the project. Their efforts, along with the businesses that came together to construct the Marquez family’s forever home was a well-coordinated effort. Don’t be surprised to see us back!

As we leave, enjoy some of our photos from our time on the set of Military Makeover.

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