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Jayson Waller’s solar talk proves to be engaging for DAC Beavers

December 9th, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


DETROIT – The Assembly Room at the Detroit Athletic Club has hosted many renowned speakers, from 23-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps, to former U.S. President Gerald Ford to Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo and many, many others. Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller added his name to that list last Thursday, when he addressed the club’s members for an off-the-record talk about his remarkable entrepreneurial journey – on his 40th birthday, no less.

Waller held court before dozens of DAC Beavers, a group that plays weekly Basketbrawl games in a pool adjacent to this fourth-floor meeting space. What’s unique about this group is that when they’re done playing their version of aquatic basketball, they dry off, don DAC robes and come to lunch, ready to hear that week’s speaker.

Those in attendance last Thursday heard several stories about how Waller and his team took a major step forward by venturing into Michigan in 2017, adding the state to its existing markets in North Carolina and South Carolina. With the high cost of power in Michigan, solar can be a difference-maker for customers looking for additional sources to power their homes. That’s the reason why Michigan is one of Pink Energy’s top markets, though there were a few important lessons learned in getting to that point.

In the early days of operations in Michigan, Waller told the Beavers that his sales team members met customer resistance when pulling into driveways with Nissans instead of cars from the Big Three automakers. That cardinal sin was corrected immediately, and thus began the swift journey of making Michigan one of the company’s top markets. Waller also revealed that Pink Energy’s switch to using American-made panels in August 2017 allowed for sales to double overnight.

How Jayson Waller’s chance to speak came about

Waller’s invitation to speak came from DAC board member Clyde Sutton, whose Sutton Leasing business is also a Pink Energy customer. The relationship is mutually beneficial, as Pink Energy also leases cars from Sutton.

“What a fantastic example for people, and success story,” Sutton said. “And the product of course is so interesting and new and cutting edge. I knew our members would be interested to hear about it, as you could see by the response from the crowd.”

Sidebar talk nearly as long as Waller’s time on dais

Indeed, once Waller finished his speech, approximately a dozen questions were asked, ones that any of our customers routinely ask themselves regarding price, weather, net metering and more. Even after the formal Q&A portion ended, Waller held court for more 30 minutes with approximately a half dozen DAC members, who wanted further insight into the solar industry and topics surrounding it. Following any Waller speech, it always impresses how many people want to talk further with him. That’s a big indicator of the uniqueness of solar, but also of Waller’s ability to engage his audience.

“It was fun,” Waller said of his time. “Lots of questions and we got to educate some folks. It was exciting.”

Should you want to learn more about adding solar to your home, we encourage you to call us at (877) 4-GO-Pink or visit our website for more information. One of our representatives will be happy to see if you and your home qualifies to add solar at your home!

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