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Introducing Pink Energy’s top-selling package: 12 home energy efficiency upgrades for 2021

January 22nd, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

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Saving money and making your home more energy efficient are likely high on your new year resolution list. As the new superpower in home energy, Pink Energy can help you achieve your goals. We don’t just install any old solar panels for customers—we want to give you premium offerings in as many aspects as possible for the best value. Let’s dive into the 12 components of Pink Energy’s top-selling package below!

1: American-made solar panels

The gift of solar panels keeps on giving. Not only can solar panels potentially help you save money on electric bills, they could also reduce your carbon footprint and decrease your reliance on grid energy.

Home solar panels on roof


2: backup battery power & storage

When you invest in Pink Energy’s top-selling package, a backup battery is included. This battery lets you store any excess energy from your solar panels into a backup system, which you can activate at nighttime and during power outages.

 backup battery

3: Nest thermostat*

Nest thermostats observe your home energy usage and automatically adjust the temperature to match your preferences. They work to maintain a comfortable living environment while keeping your consumption within reasonable margins to help you conserve energy 24/7.

4: LED light bulbs*

LED light bulbs can use up to 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. These energy-efficient bulbs are a popular home upgrade, not only for your internal lighting fixtures, but for decorative exterior lights as well. Light your home with energy-saving bulbs to potentially lower your electric bill.

5: Showerheads*

Energy-efficient showerheads can reduce your water usage by controlling the amount of water that flows at once. With our conservative showerhead, feel free to indulge in a longer shower without overly worrying about possible surging water bills. Our SMARTPWR360º™ Package comes with two showerheads.

6: Faucet aerators*

A faucet aerator connects to your faucet to reduce the gallons per minute that flow from your water line. That’s why it is recommended by the EPA for homeowners who want to see additional savings on their water bill. You’ll receive 3 faucet aerators with our SMARTPWR360º™ Package.

7: Smart power strips*

Smart power strips autoregulate your power sockets to help prevent surges and reduce the amount of power each appliance consumes. For example, when a device is in standby mode, your smart power strip will not power it. Smart, right?

8: Hot water temperature card*

Hot water temperature cards monitor your hot water temperatures to determine if you need to decrease or increase them. This helps you to potentially save money by identifying the right times to reduce or increase your heat.

9: Blown insulation*

Winter is here, so it’s probably time to turn on the heater. Cue the blown insulation, which is installed in your attic to prevent that heat from escaping your home, potentially reducing your HVAC workload all year long.

10: Attic staircase cover*

Want to keep your home warm all winter? Attic staircase covers help prevent the heat inside your home from escaping into your attic, which helps keep your house nice and cozy.

11: Hot water heater blanket*

Give your hot water heater a blanket for the new year! These blankets help keep your hot water heater insulated during extreme winter temperatures, so you can enjoy consistent warm water and potentially reduce heat loss for maximum efficiency.

12: Attic baffles*

Attic baffles help increase airflow in your attic and control the temperature, which can improve your HVAC efficiency. This could save you money by regulating internal temps and further reducing the amount of heat that escapes through your attic.

*(included in SMARTPWR360°™ Package)

Ask about going solar with us this winter!

We designed our top-selling package to help you make the most of your solar investment. You’ll receive tier-1 solar panels, a battery backup system and 10 additional energy-efficient components via our SMARTPWR360º™ solution. Contact us today to learn more about our products and get the most out of your decision to go solar.

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