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Introducing our HOA Department

March 15th, 2022 | By Chad McComas

Editor’s note: One of the great values in choosing to go with Pink Energy is that we do nearly all of the behind-the-scenes paperwork in preparation for your installation. And then we install the panels too! To give you a full look at our process, we’re showcasing each of our departments that help get you to the point of installation. Today is our look at Pink Energy’s HOA Department.

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After buying that dream home with the white picket fence, many American homeowners are subject to a communal agreement known as a Homeowners Association (HOA). The HOA enforces rules for residents in their specific subdivision. These homeowners are required to pay fees for general upkeep within an HOA’s jurisdiction. Here at Pink Energy, we handle any necessary paperwork for customers who are going solar and are subject to an HOA’s jurisdiction. HOA Team Lead, Diane Therrien, gave us an exclusive look into the process.

Therrien joined the company in 2019 as a member of the Customer Service department and was eventually moved to the Interconnections team. Initially, there was no department to handle HOA affairs. It was later brought to Therrien’s attention that there was a need for someone to work on gaining HOA approvals after a customer who lived in one experienced issues getting their solar panel installation approved.

Therrien is part of the team that gathers the credentials needed from a customer’s HOA to put a solar panel system in place. Here are the important details Therrien and her team track down to fulfill a customer’s order:

Getting the HOA contact information upfront

It can take up to 30 days to get approval from an HOA, so the sooner Therrien and her team have the right information to proceed, the better. In that time, other important documents such as electrical permits and utility approvals are coming through. Some HOAs employ a project management company that Pink Energy’s applications will have to go through. This third party will then send it to an architectural control committee where they will review the plans and decide if they satisfy the covenant and restrictions. These policies can vary by locality.

Follow up

Once the HOA Department collects all the information, they will reach out to the HOA to verify if there are any further applications to fill out. Once confirmed, the team members will prepare the application which includes the plan details for the solar energy system.


Some HOAs require homeowners to get signatures from neighbors documenting their agreement and understanding that their neighbor will be receiving solar panels on their home. Our team needs this before submitting the application if it is a requirement. Lastly, once the Design department completes a final solar array design for the customer, the HOA Department is ready to submit the application for final approval.

Sounds like a simple process, but gathering these details can take time. Therrien strongly encourages customers to reach out to Pink Energy as soon as they receive any updates from their HOA. There are times when an HOA will reach out to a customer personally with updates rather than to Therrien and her team. This can cause miscommunication as a customer may not realize they need to pass the information along to complete the process.

“HOA approval is the last thing that is needed before an installation can be scheduled,” Therrien said.

To limit these duration periods, Therrien’s goal is to have all HOA information on file before the design is even ready. As soon as the design is in place, the HOA Department can fill out the application and send those plans to their HOA contact. The review process will begin and once a customer’s HOA confirms they received the plan, they typically have 30 days to respond to a homeowner’s request.

After final HOA approval, you are officially on track to owning your power! Pink Energy’s HOA Department is just one team of many that deliver white glove service to our customers. Call us today and learn how you can get started!

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