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How the use of solar panels can benefit Michigan businesses

October 22nd, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia


Are you a business owner in Michigan considering the purchase of solar panels to supplement traditional sources of power? According to U.S. Energy Information Administration data, the cost of power for commercial customers in Michigan is among the highest rates in the Midwest, making solar an attractive supplement to traditional power sources.

That fact alone may be enough to convince you, but what if you’re still on the fence? In addition to electric bill savings you’ll accrue through the use of solar panels, there is currently a federal tax credit of 30% available to those who have panels installed, but it only lasts through the end of 2019 before it reduces to 26 percent in 2020 and 22 percent in 2021. That’s even more incentive to act now, but there are many reasons that utilizing solar panels for your business in Michigan is the right way to go.

Here at Pink Energy, we understand that there are questions and hesitations that potential customers may have before making the commitment to install solar panels. Your Michigan business can flourish following the installation of solar panels, and we can put these questions to rest.

“It’s cold in Michigan. It snows a lot here. Don’t solar panels require heat?”

Solar panels don’t depend on warmth to work – they just need sunlight. While cold temperatures do not hinder solar panel production, extreme heat can reduce the efficiency of your panels. While solar panel production may be affected by snow cover, remember that solar panels are typically installed facing south, and that added sunlight figures to melt that snow more quickly.


“Solar panels seem expensive. Will I ever see a return on investment?”

We get it. An up-front cost can seem scary, especially as a business owner, but following the installation of solar panels, we expect you will start seeing a reduction in your electric bill immediately. The great thing about solar is that once your solar panels are paid off, that payment disappears, and the power your solar panels generate is completely free to you for the lifespan of your solar system. With your panels coming with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, you should have very little concerns about the long-term performance of your panels.

“We’re just a small family business. Aren’t solar panels for large corporations?”

While many large companies have started the shift toward using solar panels to generate energy, your small family business in Michigan can do the same thing. As a result, you’ll set yourself up to lower your operating costs and overhead, allowing you to potentially increase your budget for employee pay, benefits, or needed office improvements. Furthermore, solar panels may be able to increase the value of your business and property, should you ever be looking to sell.

“We’re a Michigan business – will utilizing solar power benefit our home state?”

Yes. Pink Energy has a headquarters office in suburban Detroit, and purchasing solar panels through us helps support the state’s economy. We use only American-made solar panels, which is a big selling point for our customers. We’re committed to spreading the message about benefits associated with solar-powered energy to our communities, and have even partnered with the Detroit Lions to help us reach as many individuals and businesses as possible.

The use of solar panels for renewable energy has been on the rise in Michigan for the past several years, and the trend shows it won’t be stopping anytime soon. In fact, one of the largest solar panel rooftop structures in the state is used by a business; the IKEA in Canton, and another is utilized by Domino’s Farms near Ann Arbor. Ford Motor Company installed a solar carport at their world headquarters in Dearborn, and Michigan State University has installed a large solar carport project of its own.

For more information on how your Michigan business can benefit from solar panels and how solar power works, call us today at (877) 4-GO-Pink or visit our local websites in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

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