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How are solar panels installed?

September 15th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Home solar panels on roof

Installing solar panels is a vital step in your process to go solar. Although solar panel installation may sound difficult, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

We had our solar energy experts explain how to install solar panels so you know what our team will do when they arrive at your home. Keep reading to learn the five major steps to a solar installation.

5 steps to solar panel installation

solar panel installation

1. Mount metal rails on roof

We start our process by mounting metal rails on your roof to create a secure foundation for your solar panels. Your installation technician will bolt each metal rail to the rafters to create the framing that holds your solar array.

2. Seal metal rails

When the foundation is secure, we apply a special sealant around the roof penetrations to avoid any leaks. Our sealant consists of cutting-edge, weather-resistant properties designed to last for the long haul. This is an important step, as it ensures the integrity of the foundation to which your panels will be attached.

Black solar panels on roof of home

3. Attach solar panels onto new metal railing

After we secure and seal the foundation, we’ll install your residential solar panels in segments. Your installation crew will use bolts to attach your panels directly onto the metal rails until your panel array is securely fastened to your roof. Once step 3 is complete, you’ll see how your new panel system looks on your roof for the very first time!

4. Connect your solar panels to your electrical box

As we securely fasten the solar panels to your roof, we’ll connect them to your electrical box. However, before your solar power can flow into your home and offset your energy bills, we must first convert the current from the sun into safe, usable energy for your living space. To do so, we’ll connect an inverter designed to change direct current energy (solar) to alternating current energy (residential electricity). Once your inverter is in place, we’ll then connect it to your electrical box and your system will be up and running!

5. Conduct a final check

After your solar panels are attached and wired to your electrical box, we’ll check the inverter and AC disconnector to ensure everything is functioning properly. Through a series of tests and checks, we’ll verify your panels are accurately connected to your home and ready to produce.

Pink Energy truck in front of house with solar panels

Installing solar panels with Pink Energy

We’re committed to efficiency and accuracy in each phase of our installation process. From initial framing to electrical box configuration, our team stays sharp and swift every step of the way. Talk to one of our solar experts today to request a free quote and schedule your solar panel installation.

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