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Pink Energy helps feed nearly 3,400 Detroit residents on Thanksgiving

December 3rd, 2019 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy is proud to foster an environment of giving in all of our offices, but we especially showcased this spirit on Thanksgiving in Detroit. As we all know, there are many folks in unfortunate circumstances that may go hungry during this holiday. Pink Energy customer account manager Danny Matthews hates seeing that happen, which is why he’s been so intent in doing something about it the last five years.

Instead of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on his couch, Matthews led an eager team of more than 900 volunteers Thursday at the Detroit edition of Gobble Gobble Give. Matthews and his team distributed meals and clothing to 3,372 people – just shy of the 3,450 they helped a year ago.

How Gobble Gobble Give got it done

Inside of Bert’s Warehouse in the Eastern Market area, Matthews orchestrated a whirlwind of chaos as teams cooked turkeys and casseroles while others sorted through donations of toiletries, warm clothing and blankets. Others yet served community members by distributing these piping hot meals and crucial items. Some even offered haircuts on street corners or in back alleys.

The day kicked off with dozens of people playing chef for the day, preparing over 70 turkeys and various side dishes. The meals were then loaded into to-go containers along with packages of items for cleanliness and warmth.

Delivery trucks scanned the streets of Detroit looking for anyone who appeared in need of a meal or some clothes. It wasn’t hard for the drivers to find these individuals, as they were found under viaducts and in the streets. There were also some pre-planned drop-offs to families that have been helped in past years. Matthews advised these people will reach out to Gobble Gobble Give so there’s no doubt their family will be fed on Thanksgiving.

Throughout the day, surprises were received with much joy and gratitude. “One lady just wanted a nice fuzzy blanket,” Matthews says. The responses were enough to bring a tear to one’s eye. Matthews also recounts delivering food to one man, who hadn’t enjoyed a turkey meal on Thanksgiving in years.

“You could just tell he was happy that somebody cared enough to do this for him,” Matthews says.

Over and above volunteer efforts, Pink Energy provided monetary support of the program to the tune of $7,500. All of this money went to Gobble Gobble Give for food, clothing items, toiletries and social media marketing. On top of the meals, the team of volunteers also gave out 8,200 bottles of water. Most importantly, thousands of lives were touched this day.

Finishing the job, and looking ahead to next year

The job wasn’t done when Thanksgiving came to a close. Over 1,500 leftover clothing items were taken to Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Mich., on Friday to assure they were put to good use in the community immediately.

Matthews plans to continue being heavily involved in organizing this event in the future with Pink Energy’s backing and support. For those who helped with this year’s event, we thank you! And if you will be in the Detroit area next Thanksgiving, please consider joining Matthews’ group. Any donations and volunteer time means the world to the Gobble Gobble Give team and those assisted by the program. Not in Detroit? Consider looking into one of the other 19 chapters across the U.S. to give back on your home turf or checking out our website for more opportunities.

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