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Generac PWRview App: A Brief Tutorial

December 23rd, 2021 | By Christopher Butts

Have a solar panel system with a Generac battery? Want to know how your system is functioning? You can monitor your panels live, from almost anywhere, with Generac’s PWRview app!

What’s great is that Generac has provided a video tutorial of not only how the app is set up but also how to read and understand the numbers involved. You can refer to that here, but our blog article also provides some extra insight into how it all works, and how your app is connected to your system.

Once you’ve registered your system and downloaded the app, you’ll have the chance to check out PWRview’s data. That’s where the fun and potential savings begin!

Checking Out the PWRview App’s Real-Time Data

When you open the app, it should be giving you real-time data that looks something like this:

PWRview App appearance

There are four circles shown, with the largest circle illustrating your home’s electricity usage throughout the day. The top three circles (from left to right) are your solar production, the charge status of your battery (the battery icon will look familiar to smartphone users), and your connection to the grid. Depending on time of day, you’ll notice the lines extending from two of those small circles (battery and grid) will be flowing either toward the large circle (your home) or back into the battery or grid to either store the extra electricity in your battery or send it back to the grid for potential credit on your electric bill.

How Do I Read the Big Circle in the PWRview App?

The rings inside the large circle represent how your home is powered during the day, and at what times each specific source of electricity is being used. The purple line represents electricity drawn from the grid and used by your home, the yellow line represents electricity generated by your solar panels and used by your home, and the green line represents electric power taken from your Generac battery and used by your home.

You can see the solar electricity is not being produced until around sunrise (makes sense). The home in the above diagram also runs on 100% solar electricity during some peak hours of sunlight (where the purple fades out). This does not mean your solar system can take you completely off grid. It just means at those times of day, solar can be the lone source of electricity for your home.

You can click on any of the icons and get a detailed history on that specific aspect of the system, including your home’s total electricity consumption as represented by the blue house icon in the middle.

Follow the Money

Click the “today” text at the top of the screen and the app will also show the potential savings on your electric bill through each hour of the day:

PWRview app chart

This graph charts power use throughout the day using the same colors. Here, there’s a blue line to represent the total energy used. The larger the gap between the blue and purple lines means solar is being used more and you’re on your way to potentially saving money on your electric bills.

There’s even a section of the app that will estimate your future power bills based on the electricity you use, where you live, and the utility company you’re connected to.

This convenient app from our partners at Generac is the perfect tool to monitor your home’s electricity usage and your solar panel system from Pink Energy.

What Are the Icons at the Bottom of the App?

That’s a simple question. Again, we’ll go from left to right.

  1. The “circle” icon is what you’ll click to get to the “Now” screen. Consider that the homepage of the app.
    2. The “bar graph” icon shows you historical data from each of the three electricity sources – solar, battery, our home’s full consumption and grid. You can select different time intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) to get a greatest sense of your electricity usage and production.
    3. The “dollar sign” represents billing. It doesn’t include information on how you pay for your system, but how much money you could be potentially saving with your system. You do that by entering in the information specific to your utility company.

What if My App Isn’t Working?

If for some reason the app is not working, the first thing you should do is go check your inverter to see if it is connected to the internet. When you don’t see the blue internet light illuminated, do what is necessary to restore the internet connection. If that fails, you can give us a call at (877) 4-GO-Pink, or you can call Generac at 1-888-436-3722 or your Pink Energy representative.

It will be super fun for our solar customers to see what their solar system is doing in real time, and how rain and shading can factor into that. But obviously the best parts of the day for solar production are when there is unfiltered sunshine! Over the course of a year, you will see plenty of it. Enjoy your solar system, and thanks for reading! If you have any further questions, call us at (877) 4-GO-Pink.

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