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Fastest solar install ever?! Pink Energy sets record

July 30th, 2020 | By Chad McComas

Pink Energy prides itself on installing our customers’ solar projects as quickly as possible. That’s because we understand the excitement they feel in having the chance to lower their electric bills.

So, let us introduce you to Lancaster, Ohio, resident Eric Haddox, whose system was installed by Pink Energy just three days after he signed his contract. That’s fast considering that the average install occurs 6-8 weeks after finalizing a deal. We believe Haddox’s project sets a company record for fastest installation.

“I was actually really impressed. It was actually three days from when I purchased everything on Wednesday, and then on Saturday morning they came in and got everything installed,” Haddox said. “From what the sales representative was saying, I was expecting it at least the following week. But my goodness, I was actually really impressed.”

How Pink Energy worked in record time

How was Haddox’s solar project installed so quickly? The secret — his local municipality required no building permit for solar panel installation. That allowed us to move quickly to install Haddox’s 14-panel project.

“I am just amazed. It all worked out, you know with the billing and everything. It’s absolutely crazy, we’ve saved so much money since our solar has been turned on. I am seeing a big difference,” Haddox says.

Pink Energy’s mission is always installing solar projects as quickly as possible for customers. Our teams are dedicated to completing designs, pulling permits, working with utility companies and HOAs to get solar projects green-lighted for installation. Your solar panels are then installed by our employees. After that, we schedule a safety inspection, which is the final step before your system is turned on.

Our customers like the one-stop shopping, where there is a single point of contact throughout the process.

“Our bill dropped by around $150. We were paying $230-$260 a month because my house is all electric. So even with me running the air conditioning nonstop, our bill last month was $52! This month it was $71. It’s just great, we love it. We couldn’t have gone wrong,” says Haddox.

Pink Energy congratulates Haddox for getting his installation completed so quickly. We invite you to go green along with him!

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