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Pink Energy delivering electric vehicle on Earth Day

April 20th, 2021 | By Chad McComas

Pink Energy is giving away its third electric vehicle giveaway as a part of its “PWR Your Life” sweepstakes. Phillippa “Pippa” and John Mullen, of Columbia, Pennsylvania, couldn’t believe it when their names were chosen as the winner of a new 2020 Chevrolet Bolt, and it’s only fitting that they are receiving this energy-efficient vehicle on Earth Day!

Customers were automatically entered into the “PWR Your Life” sweepstakes by giving Pink Energy an opportunity to come to their home and educate them on the benefits of going solar. In January, the Prochaskas of Michigan were our first winner, followed by the Cochrans from Missouri in February.

The Mullens not only won an electric vehicle, but they also went solar with Pink Energy! A lot of their neighbors have solar, and with a south-facing home, they felt the time was right.

“We wanted to get electricity through something that’s helping the Earth and that’s good for the environment,” Pippa said. “With the line of work that we’re in, we’re both science majors from college, and I was an environmental scientist, so I just wanted to do something to help the Earth. But also, our power bills were really high in the winter time, so we wanted to do something to offset that and lower them.”

2020 Chevy Bolt is the perfect gift for Earth Day

Winning this 2020 Bolt seems to have come at the right time for the Mullen family. Not only are the Mullens raising four children, they recently opened their own business this month. They offer companies in Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania geophysical surveying to detect utilities underground prior to digging. They got into this business due to their backgrounds. John is a professional geologist, and Pippa is an environmental scientist, so it’s only fitting that this vehicle gets delivered to two environmentalists on Earth Day.

“One of our favorite holidays is Earth Day, we’re those people,” Pippa said. “One year we planted a tree in our yard. We go on walks and pick up trash, that kind of thing. The kids were actually saying, ‘Can we pick up trash on this Earth Day? Can we go for a walk?’ I’m one of those people that believe that if everyone does a little something to help, it goes a long way.”

This is the first Chevy that the Mullens have owned, and they already have discussed how they plan to use their new vehicle, though they have also discussed selling it. If they do keep it, they’ll use it for everyday errands. It’ll be a bonus that they are helping the environment and potentially saving money in the process as well.

We congratulate the Mullen family for being the latest winner of our “PWR Your Life” sweepstakes! For additional information about the PWR Your Life Sweepstakes, visit https://pwryourlife.com/.

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