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Do I Really Need Permission To Install Solar Panels?

September 22nd, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

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Yes. Regardless of city or state, you typically will need permission to install solar panels on your home in the form of a building permit and/or electrical permit.

Why? Because solar panel systems require detailed electrical and construction work, local jurisdictions want to make sure each projectadheres to local electrical and building codes. Similarly, we want Pink Energy customers to know that the work we do is done correctly and safely.

The good news is that our team handles most, if not all, of the permitting from start to finish! Once you make the decision to go solar with Pink Energy, we’ll work with the appropriate local agencies and utility companies all the way to approval.

In the sections below, we’ll walk you through the entire process, including common permit types, identifying the right one and everything you can expect in between.

Solar Panel Installation Permits You Need

Most permitting standards are based on local building codes and zoning regulations, so the exact type you need usually depends on where you live. The two most common permits for installing solar panels are building permits and electrical permits.

Solar Panel Building Permit

One of the most likely types of permits you’ll need to go solar is a building permit. Building permits aren’t unique to solar panels, though. Almost every municipality nationwide requires some sort of building permit before adding a new structure to a property.

A building permit is really just your local government giving you permission to add solar panels to your house. Expressed in the form of a document, your building permit will include all the requirements a project must meet to comply with local safety regulations.

Pink Energy is experienced in obtaining building permits for solar panel installation and will handle the legwork to ensure your system meets all local safety and zoning standards.

Solar Panel Electrical Permit

If you are connecting your system to the utility grid, you could need an electrical permit to make sure all wiring and grid interconnections are as they should be. To obtain it, utility companies may require a licensed electrician to configure the system. Pink Energy works with our utility partners to meet the local permitting requirements.

How To Know The Right Building Permits Needed To Install Solar Panels

Solar panel permits are specific – some differ based on your neighborhood. Because they’re unique to each property, knowing which permit to obtain can be difficult. That’s why we communicate with our customers to learn everything we need to know about your property before submitting the permit application. Here are some of the most common factors that determine which permit you’ll need.

Solar Panel Permits By Location

Each state, town, and, in some cases, neighborhoods can have different requirements to install solar. On the state and municipal levels, permits are determined by building codes, zoning laws and other legislation related to solar panels.

Your neighborhood could also require HOA permission to install your system. And if your home is located in a historically protected district, you may even need approval from your local historical commission.

Simply put, your state, town and neighborhood all determine your permit type and the standards you’ll have to meet to obtain it.

Solar Panel Permits Based On System Type

On average, permitting requirements for installing solar panels on the roof of your home are fairly similar. However, ground-mounted panels can be an exception. While ground mounts may not be subject to the same structural standards as rooftop systems, they’re built on undeveloped plots of land and could require land surveys and other inspections before a permit is granted.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Solar

Depending on where you live, the time it takes to submit an application and be approved for a solar panel installation permit typically takes either days or weeks. But with the rise of smart communities, or “solar-friendly towns,” approval periods are getting quicker in some areas. Through legislative action, grassroots awareness and strong demand for solar energy, these locales have streamlined the process.

More Questions About Solar Panel Permits? Contact Us Today.

Should you need a permit to install solar panels on your home, the experts at Pink Energy will handle the process for you from start to finish. Contact one of our experienced solar professionals today for more information about your local permit requirements.

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