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See, not everyone hated our Cleveland Browns commercial!

November 13th, 2018 | By Roger Kuznia


The majority of sports bloggers reviewing Pink Energy’s Cleveland Browns commercial found the faults in what we did, but as with any story, there are always two sides. A handful of media outlets loved seeing the Floss, Solar Dog, Solar Coach, young Christian and Browns punter Britton Colquitt blended together in our 60-second spot.

We love that these outlets “got it,” that we’re an approachable solar company with a great story to tell and a great product to tell it with. We want to be memorable, because when you consider going solar in our five-state coverage area, chances are pretty good that you don’t know much about the process. And the good news is, we have written 100-plus articles that help educate consumers about the value of going solar in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Every article written about our commercial introduced us to a larger audience and showcased that not only is solar the wave of the future, it very much can be part of your present (and help you kick footballs out of massive stadiums). We’re really thankful that these outlets had fun with us along the way.

From pop culture website Uproxx: “I knew the talking dog was coming and I still burst into laughter when I actually saw the video. It’s glorious, and something (comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) would be proud of. Bless Solar Dog and the Browns for all they’ve given us here today. Maybe this universe isn’t so bad after all.”

Not surprisingly, Cleveland Browns bloggers enjoyed our commercial, in part because they are big fans of Colquitt, who is one of the team’s captains. Here is a sampling of those comments.

From 247Sports:“The Colquitt commercial has certainly generated a buzz within the community. Flossing is a dance that has swept the nation over the past few years. The punter is going to have everyone in Cleveland doing it after seeing his attempt in this commercial.”

From USA Today’s Browns Wire: “Britton Colquitt is officially a Cleveland Browns legend and those who listen to the Cleveland Browns Daily podcast already know how great the punter’s personality is. Now we have an awesome commercial for a solar panel company that will live on forever in the Twitter-verse.”

From Dawg Pound Daily: “Colquitt hit a home run in this ad, especially with his uncomfortably awesome dancing.”

From 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland: “Local company Pink Energy won the internet on Friday after their ad with Cleveland Browns punter Britton Colquitt went viral on Twitter.”

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We had fun in sharing our story. Now we want to sell a cleaner, greener future to you and future generations. Join us in building that movement!

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