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Solar misconceptions from commercial with Cleveland Browns?

November 12th, 2018 | By Roger Kuznia


Pink Energy’s commercial starring Cleveland Browns punter Britton Colquitt, Solar Dog, Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller and son Christian took the internet by storm last Friday, with views of the 1-minute spot already eclipsing 1-million-plus views.

Barstool Sports, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, Sports Illustrated and many others took the time to share our work, which was termed strange, absurd and awkward, among other zany terms. What we find just as humorous is how little sports bloggerdom knows about the solar industry as a whole.

It’s our duty to set the record straight, to right the wrongs and misconceptions about solar panels. Because while we have a lot of fun selling solar panels in our five-state coverage area, a big portion of our job is to educate too. Solar panels are a chance to own your power, not just rent it from the company!

Away we go, with Barstool’s football podcast Instagram account leading off …


Well, well, well. Solar panels don’t help you win football games? Hmm, the Browns ended a four-game losing streak with a performance characterized by The Associated Press as the team’s “best all-around performance in years.”

Nick Chubb had a 92-yard touchdown run, the longest in franchise history. Fellow rookie Baker Mayfield threw for 3 touchdown passes. Last but not least, our boy Britton Colquitt averaged nearly 47 yards per punt on four attempts. And we haven’t even installed solar panels at FirstEnergy Stadium yet. Wait til that happens!

CBS Sports writes: “I know that you’re thinking, and yes, I was also somewhat surprised to learn that solar power companies exist in sunless Cleveland, but they do, and they make fantastic commercials.”

If we had a Dawg bone for every time we heard that solar energy doesn’t work in Ohio, every fan in the Dawg Pound would be embarrassingly well fed. We like to explain it this way: According to 2016 data from the International Energy Agency, Germany was the world’s per capita leader in solar energy, and it gets far less sun than Ohio. So if solar works well in Germany, it will work well in Ohio. And it does work well for our customers — even in Cleveland.

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SBNation asks: “Does Jayson coach the sun? Wouldn’t that just make him Apollo, the Greek god of light, whose chariots dragged the sun across the sky each morning?”

SBNation had 30 questions after viewing our ad, with two of those appearing above. Waller may not have the ability to coach the sun, but he and business partner Kevin Klink have done an exceptional job taking a company that started with 15 employees in 2015 and building it into a machine that employs more than 600 people, and operates in five states. The company’s revenue is projected to eclipse $100 million for the first time in 2018. That’s called dedication to the craft, a vision for building a clean, green movement of solar energy and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The company’s story is an incredible one. And we’re far from done.

Yahoo Sports writes: When Cleveland Browns punter Britton Colquitt decided to do the backpack kid dance for a local commercial, he probably assumed nobody outside of the Cleveland area would notice. Oh, he wasn’t so lucky.

Well, we checked in with Colquitt, and he loves the response from the commercial! Mythbuster!

Sports Illustrated writes: “WHY IS THERE A TALKING DOG? Here I am, puzzled grin on my face as I watch the cringe-worthy dance moves and acting of Colquitt and the Wallers, and then my jaw just drops when they cut to the dog. I have so many questions. Why? Why is the dog in a car? Can any dog be a Solar Dog or does it take years of special training? Does that dog have human teeth? Did his or her human leave Solar Dog in there by themself with the window rolled completely down? I’m appalled.”

Writer Will Ragatz obviously missed Pink Energy’s first commercial with Solar Dog, where the canine teamed with Detroit Lions special teams standouts Matt Prater and Sam Martin to tell Lions fans about solar earlier this year. Pink Energy is the official solar partner for the Lions, Browns, Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers. We’re incredibly proud of that achievement, and want you along for the ride in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

ESPN business writer Darren Rovell writes: The Browns may have yet to win a Super Bowl, but if there was a Super Bowl for the worst local ad ever created this would win in a blowout.

This from a gentleman that has earned this type of attention. But c’mon, everybody knows that the Mozgov commercial is still tops in Cleveland history!

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