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Solar Savings Help Power Massive Holiday Light Display

December 16th, 2021 | By Chad McComas

Solar Savings Help Power Massive Holiday Display

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with bright lights and some of the most classic Christmas assortments for all to observe? One of Pink Energy’s most tenured customers, Claudia Clifton, really gets into the holiday spirit by showing off her famous “Winter Wonderland.” But with all those sparkling lights, you may think Clifton would be concerned about her electric bill. We’re here to tell you, that is not the case. In fact, her December electric bill is exceptionally lower than one would think. Luckily, you could potentially save like Clifton and we’ll tell you how!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Clifton has been in her Gloucester, Virginia home for 26 years, with the last four-plus years of those sporting 31 solar panels on her roof. Because of all the energy she’s producing, her electric bill is $7.98 eight months out of the year! The summer months are met with slightly higher electric bills because of her air conditioning usage, but that does not put a huge dent in her pockets. Her highest bill of the year comes in December when her Christmas light show is in full effect.

“When I didn’t have solar, my bill in January, which is the December bill, it was like around $450-$500,” Clifton said. “We got solar installed in January/February and when December rolled around, we had the lights out and I could not wait for the January bill and it was $135. And $135, most people don’t even have that kind of bill even in the winter or the summer. That’s a really low bill. That’s my highest bill of the year.”

Leading a solar movement

Clifton originally heard about Pink Energy through social media. Ever since she saw that first December bill, she became a solar advocate. Clifton has made it her personal mission to inform as many people as possible about her experience. She even hosts “solar parties” every July that replicate the classic Tupperware parties to get attendees excited about potentially saving money and to become Pink Energy customers. Potential customers from all over even reach out Clifton to learn more about how they can follow her lead in adding solar at their homes.

A few out-of-state residents who reside in the company’s footprint even reached out to her to hear about Clifton’s solar experience firsthand. With her outreach, Pink Energy has gained more than 15 new customers! Even a few of her neighbors hopped on board after peeking over to get an up close and personal look at her panels at work. They are also huge fans of her Christmas display, which includes up to 50 holiday themed inflatables. Clifton handles most of the setup herself, which takes about two months to arrange outside working almost eight hours each day!

For safety purposes, Clifton owns a special fuse, so nothing is overloaded. Her late father, who was an electrician, built the device for her. This ensures that the holiday extravaganza will continue to gleam in the safest way possible.

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas

For the first time this year, her inflatables had to be grounded because of the rugged Autumn wind, but this did not stop onlookers from being in awe of the Christmas scene. The Winter Wonderland features a new inflatable almost every year. The display attracts viewers from locations all over, and she says local radio stations have given her shout-outs during their broadcasts.

“I do it for the kids. When they come by, they are just so happy. The fun thing is I get new ones every year and I make sure I ask the kids ‘do you know which ones are new?’ This year I have a Grinch, a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with a North Pole sign, I have a huge 8-foot Saint Bernard dog and a small Saint Bernard dog,” Clifton says.

Clifton is just one example of how Pink Energy customers love being a part of the solar movement. With help from the money she has saved by going solar, Clifton’s Winter Wonderland meets unimaginable heights every holiday season.

“We go bigger every year! And people say ‘Oh my God, you got new ones’ and I say, ‘We still got plenty of room,” Clifton says. “It’s amazing to me that people pay attention to that detail.”

This article represents the individual results and opinions of this customer. Results will vary and are not guaranteed by Pink Energy.

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