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Tax Credit for Solar Raised to 30%

The federal tax credit for solar has been raised to 30%, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. This legislation, which was recently signed into law by President Biden, is packed with several clean energy initiatives, including the expansion of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy. Previously lower, it was scheduled to reduce to […]

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August 24th, 2022 | By Christopher Butts

How REAP program can benefit farmers and rural small businesses

Farmers and small-town businesses across the country have an opportunity to go solar through a guaranteed loan financing and grant funding program known as REAP, which stands for the Rural Energy for America Program. No matter what type of agricultural producer you are and where you do it, or if you run a small business […]

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February 9th, 2022 | By Christopher Butts

Net metering policies are changing, but value of solar still strong

One of the many perks that comes with going solar is earning credit on your electric bill for excess electricity you send back to the grid. This process is called net metering. Some states have laws in place to allow for net metering, with utility companies needing to credit excess solar electricity back to consumers […]

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February 8th, 2022 | By Christopher Butts

How Much You Can Potentially Save With Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to potentially save money on your electric bill—something we can all get behind! At Pink Energy, we offer premium solar panels for your home designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint and potentially reduce your grid power spending. Let’s discuss how a custom solar system from Pink Energy […]

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December 15th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

Potentially Offset High Gas Prices By Going Solar

We’ve already seen a rise in energy costs when it comes to putting gas in our cars. The current U.S. average for a gallon of gas is $3.35, up nearly $1.20 more than at the same time a year ago. The bad news is that winter heating costs likely will rise too, which figures to […]

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October 29th, 2021 | By Chad McComas

How Can I Reduce the Cost to Add Solar to My Home?

If you’re interested in the potential financial benefits of adding a solar panel system to your home, you also may be thinking about other energy-efficient upgrades that could potentially help lower your home’s electricity usage and monthly electric bill. At Pink Energy, we believe the solar energy movement is one piece of a larger effort […]

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September 26th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

Georgia solar incentives

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Georgia is one of the top 10 best states for solar energy. In addition to thousands of hours of sunshine, Georgians can potentially benefit from a federal tax credit5 as well as net metering. Both incentives could make your solar panel installation more affordable than ever. Read this […]

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May 7th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

Introducing Pink Energy’s top-selling package: 12 home energy efficiency upgrades for 2021

Saving money and making your home more energy efficient are likely high on your new year resolution list. As the new superpower in home energy, Pink Energy can help you achieve your goals. We don’t just install any old solar panels for customers—we want to give you premium offerings in as many aspects as possible […]

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January 22nd, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

How solar power can offset your Christmas light costs

Christmas decorations are bright and beautiful. They also can require a significant amount of electricity. In fact, one estimate from 2016 holds that Christmas lights alone use up to 6 percent of all electricity in the U.S. during December! That stat may hit closer to home now that you’ve taken down your holiday lights and […]

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January 15th, 2021 | By Roger Kuznia

What is Net Metering and How Does Net Metering Work?

If you’re new to solar energy, you may be skeptical when hearing that excess solar power produced by your solar panels can spin your electricity meter backwards. After all, didn’t Ferris Bueller humorously fail to turn back the odometer on the vintage Ferrari owned by the father of his best friend despite his attempt to […]

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November 9th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

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