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Pink Energy makes very large leap on 2020 BNC 125

September 11th, 2020 | By Chad McComas

Business North Carolina has released its 2020 list of the BNC 125, the top private companies in North Carolina, and we’re proud to announce that Pink Energy ranks No. 76 after making the list for the second year in a row! Pink Energy rose 26 spots from its 2019 ranking of No. 102 after experiencing a 80 percent year-over-year increase in revenue. The rankings are based off total revenue from 2019, and Pink Energy earned nearly $200 million in revenue after eclipsing $100 million for the first time in company history in 2018.

“Pink Energy is a rocket ship that continues to shoot upward,” Pink Energy CEO Jayson Waller said. “We continue to better our numbers year after year, and it’s attributable to the great team we have built. It’s truly an exciting time for our company and all of our employees.”

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Pink Energy has seen vast appetite from its customers desiring to use solar energy at their homes. The company has set revenue records for five consecutive months through August, and we’re not intent on slowing down.

What Pink Energy has in store following the BNC 125 ranking

Since the BNC 125 2019 ranking, Pink Energy increased its footprint by expanding into Tennessee, its 10th state. Better yet are our plans to expand into new territories in the future. Additionally, multiple offices will be opening in established territories which will open up more jobs within the company. It’s crazy to think that at the time of submission for the 2020 BNC 125, Pink Energy had 1,106 employees. That number has grown to over 1,400 in the weeks since, with the company increasing its employee count by nearly 90 percent since the start of 2020.

Pink Energy’s record months in 2020 has the company positioned to make another leap on the 2021 edition of the BNC 125. That is what Pink Energy is all about — providing a solar-powered future for all those looking to benefit from this clean energy source. We are Building A Movement — BAM!

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