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Auto Dealerships and Solar: Tuned for Each Other

April 27th, 2022 | By Chad McComas

Car dealerships and solar power are perfect pairs

With the rising cost of fuel, solar energy is becoming more popular these days, being installed on residential housing and commercial businesses. In fact, if you own or operate an automobile dealership, you can have your cake and eat it too by adding solar panels. Panels, plus your new fleet of electric powered cars, can take your potential energy savings to new heights! We’re here to fill you in on why auto dealerships and solar are the perfect pairing.

Driving the Green Initiative

As more dealerships begin selling electric cars, what better way to showcase and benefit from your environmental consciousness than going solar? Pink Energy has black, high quality, monocrystalline panels and, just like the cars on your lot, they have a sleek and stylish look to them. With showrooms, offices and service centers, your dealership is likely equipped with more than enough rooftop space to add a significant array of solar panels. Plus, more solar panels means potentially offsetting a higher portion of your electric bills.

We Have the Mileage

Adding an array of such a large size is nothing our experts can’t handle! In fact, Pink Energy has experience in this, installing the largest solar array on a dealership in the Midwest on LaFontaine Automotive Group in Troy, Michigan. The nearly 38,000 square-foot business holds 428 panels that are sized at 150 kilowatts and produces nearly 180,000 kWh annually. The LaFontaine dealership is one example of how some car dealerships are putting in the effort to increase their green initiatives and lower overhead.

Keep your Batteries Charged

You can even keep those bright dealership lights on at night with the help of our backup batteries. As your panels collect energy during the day, excess electricity can be sent to these batteries. That energy can then be used to help power your dealership at night when your panels are not collecting energy or during a power outage. This can also potentially offset the cost of your electric bill each month.

Roll Panels onto your Lot

Like the LaFontaine dealership, you can potentially save a large percentage on your electric bills over time! Our team of experts are equipped to install on your business so you can continue to reduce that carbon footprint like the solar powered vehicles on your lot. Call us today for more information at 877-4-GO-PINK today!

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