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Ann Arbor’s Northside Grill Proud to Join Solar Movement

November 23rd, 2021 | By Chad McComas

It has been a year since Jim Koli added solar panels to his Northside Grill restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, making this the perfect time for Pink Energy to check in about his experience and see how his 49-panel, 20 kW system is operating. The great and expected news – so far, so good!

Koli originally heard about Pink Energy by surfing the web and concluded we were the best option. Company sales representative Jay Penfil was a great asset for Koli, answering questions and concerns that he had throughout the process, and afterward.

After working through an interconnection issue with the utility company, Koli’s project was rather smooth from his decision to go solar to install in November 2020. The restaurant even remained open when Pink Energy’s crew arrived to install the system.

With recent work having been done to the restaurant’s roof, our installers worked with Koli’s contractor to ensure the panels were installed with care. Once the panels were officially set, Koli was happy to see the panels take care of themselves. The solar panels were installed at an angle on the roof so even when snow eventually fell, Koli saw it melt and slide right off the panels. Now, all those who visit Northside Grill can see a great example of solar power on a larger scale, considering that the size of Koli’s system is akin to what we’d place on three homes.

Northside Grill’s Pride in Solar Ownership

Northside Grill’s solar system is something Koli is proud of as a business owner. He hopes to have monitors within his restaurant displaying his panels’ production so his patrons can get the real-time view of solar at work. Because most of the panels that are visible are resting atop dark-colored shingles, patrons outside could easily overlook them. That’s why Koli makes it a point to showcase his commitment to clean energy by putting a Pink Energy sign by his cash register.

“As creatures of the ground, we don’t look up, so they go ‘Wow!’ when they see the panels,” Koli explained. “I’m very happy with them.”

As electric prices continue to increase over time, Koli describes his decision as a “no brainer.” He believes going solar was a decision that made perfect business sense. Koli gets a lot of attention from homeowners as well, curious about his restaurant’s solar-panel array.

Koli has taken his progress in reducing his carbon footprint a step further by driving a Toyota Prius, and he’s excited to put solar on his home in the future. The satisfaction that comes with Pink Energy’s service and products is one Northside Grill can attest to. For more information about adding panels to your business or home, contact us at (877) 4-GO-Pink.

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